Over the Edge  

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5/13/2006 6:11 pm

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Over the Edge

All of my life, I have been exposed to dangerous situations. Most of the time, they have involved my work, but there have been times that I have voluntarily put myself in that position.

I was born and raised on a farm which happens to be the second most dangerous occupation after working in the mining industry as far as day-to-day dangers are concerned.

One thing that taught me was to always be aware of my surroundings, which has paid off on numerous occasions.

At my current job, I typically find myself 125 feet up in the air in a basket that is about 8'x3'. For whatever reason, I LOVE to tilt that basket as far as it will go...to the point that I have to brace myself on the rails to stay in it (granted, I am wearing a safety harness...there is NO way I would do that if I weren't). But there is just something about the rush I get when I do that!

I work weekends on the safety crew at a race track. There are times that the only thing between me and a car doing 150 mph is a guardrail. I am so close to the action that it is like the camera you see on TV that they mount to the wall and the cars all zip past. I know that if a car hits that guardrail at the right speed and angle...that guardrail isn't going to stop it. Yet, I am drawn to being there like a moth to a light.

So...my question is...what gets your pulse racing? What do you do or have you done that you look back at now and think...that was SUCH a rush, but, MAN that was stupid! lol And why do you think it appeals to you?

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5/14/2006 9:42 am

i am not a speed demon. But i was also raised on a big farm 260 acres of WV mountains. We had this big three story barn that the roof could ba accessed fron the hill behind it by just tossing a board from the peak of the cliff to the edge of that roof. looks pretty dangerous and scary to me today to know that we would run the length from the cliff to the otherside of that roof and using bed sheets and old tarps actually jump/fly off the top of that barn roof to land in the hay rolls below. As an adult heights still get my heart racing and although it scares me i love the rush of paragliding...once the feet leave the cliff it awsome to be the bird.....c

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