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6/10/2006 7:12 pm

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Read Group Rules Here

Adult Friend’s First Guidelines

First and foremost THANK YOU for joining AdultFriend’s First group. Most likely you have a basic idea what our group is all about since you’ve been interacting in other groups with most of our members. Our group membership is By Invitation Only. Remember, we are all about quality not quantity.

This group is founded around three important values; Integrity, Respect and Honesty. If we as a group pay attention to those values, our ethics and future as a group will work out just fine.

The purpose of this group is to share thoughts, ideas, ask others for advice/opinions, interact and have lively discussions with a group of friends from AdultFriendFinder. This group is for the sole purpose of our entertainment and escape of the daily grind of our busy lives.

We do have “requirements” regarding participation in our group, in other words, Participation Is Mandatory. If you are unable to post at least once a month this group is not for you, and most likely you will find yourself removed.

Our group has a committee, comprised of members with full moderator tools, who will determine if someone has acted inappropriately. Should they determine your actions are detrimental to the peace and tranquility of this group, you will be removed.

Most of us know each other from other groups therefore an introduction is NOT required.

Group Guidelines
1 - Members with a history of abuse and insults toward other members within the site, magazine/groups/blogs will not be permitted to join us.

2 - There will be no Email, Reminder sent or Roll Call asking you to be active or participate. Enough of that nonsense of joining a group and only posting once or twice every six months. Please remove yourself if you are unable to post at least once a month. You are always welcome to rejoin us at a later time when you are ready to become an active participant. Remember, there will be no email or reminder asking you to be active or to participate.

3 - This IS a discussion group, therefore if you join using a genital picture you will be removed immediately, period. We are all aware this is a SEX site, The Worlds Largest Sex and Swingers Personal. Most of us joined the site to have SEX, since we created this group, we play by our guidelines. There are thousands of other groups who allow those pictures and would be more than happy to have you as their member.

4 - Members are expected to treat each other with respect and courtesy. Again, yes this is a SEX site, but we are still people with feelings and emotions and we expect everyone to treat each other in the same manner they wish to be treated. Remember, what you may consider an offensive discussion, may not be offensive to others. It is your choice to skip that topic or discussion, move on to the next or create your own topic. Anyone breaking this guideline will be removed

5 - Members are not allowed to use Adult Friend’s First group to air grievances with other groups or their members/moderators. That Is What Emails Are For. Anyone breaking this guideline will be removed immediately and his or her posts deleted. There is always an exception to the rule as long as the group committee allows it.

6 - No phone numbers, email addresses, copy or pasting of links outside of the world of AdultFriendFinder. Any of those posts and links will be deleted.

7 - Jokes are fun and also a good therapeutic tool, but they can also clutter groups main pages. Remember, this is a discussion group. If you have plenty of jokes and want to share them with the group we will prefer and suggest you to create a thread specifically for jokes or join “Just for Laughs” group.

8 - As a reminder, no Hijacking of threads, no Voting, no Spam, no Whack or last to whatever threads. This group is NOT for you if we need to remind you those threads are NOT allowed.

9 - If you are interested in becoming an active member of our great group of friends please post your desire to join us in the “Request To Be A Member - Click Here” link created for that purpose. Members with no known history of interest groups participation will automatically be placed in a One Month probation period after committee approval. Our committee will review your request and will notify you as soon as possible.

10 - As creators of Adult Friend’s First group we have the right to deny membership to anyone our committee feels their presence can be detrimental to the peace and tranquility of this group and its members. There are thousands of other groups who would be more than happy to have you as their member.

11 - Last but not least, if you find yourself banned from this group please put a request to be reinstated in the “Request to be a member” link. Unfortunately, sometimes our friendly site removes active group members at random.

Our group Adult Friend's First, follows the Terms of Use of AdultFriendFinder. I’ll advice you to please take a moment to read the site’s TOU. Thank You For Joining Us!

Our group Adult Friend's First was born June 10, 2006

© copyright KOFLA 2006

LobarFlakyCowed 45M
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1/16/2007 1:49 pm

Wow ! This is intense ! Kofla, you truly are a MOD to be admired... In time perhaps, I can actually achieve your status and be able to do this... I am floored and beyond impressed. Outstanding Work !


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