What The Day After Monday Is Like :  

_CoffeeNoCream_ 52F
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4/25/2006 12:02 am

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11/14/2006 1:37 am

What The Day After Monday Is Like :

It is like this:

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That's me low on caffeine, banging my head against the keys.

It is also like this:


Liefs CnC

its_a_go 37M

4/25/2006 12:48 am

you sound like fhqwhgads. I wonder if you sometimes wake up in the middle of the night and get a cup of coffee. Sometimes I do, but I keep it to the half-cocked decaf after midnight.

papyrina 51F
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4/25/2006 1:55 am

hands over extra strong coffee

I'm a

i'm here to stay

libgemOH 56M/52F

4/25/2006 3:53 am

sku8cdcksltialsog. h kkksopfls;

That's me agreeing with you before my first cup!! -B

digdug41 49M

4/25/2006 6:19 am

I'd make sure you had a plenty

roaming the cyber streets of blogland

GleesFlakyShawl 50M
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4/25/2006 6:41 am

that sounds familiar to me.......

GoddessOfTheDawn 105F
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4/25/2006 9:37 am

I knew not drinking coffee was gud for sumfin...


4/25/2006 10:05 am


just a squirrel trying to get a nut

shar1 55F
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4/25/2006 10:15 am

Know that feeling all too well... flhtoetojanfda. Need Chocolate to go with that coffee?

ArgosPlumyKooky 45F
3902 posts
4/25/2006 5:52 pm

yikes. .all this risk taking. . . .no good no good. . .scary thought

rm_blackvanman2 55M
31 posts
4/25/2006 7:21 pm

need some morphine?......you all out of codeine?......

dutchpete 54M
563 posts
4/26/2006 1:35 pm

Will send you some coffee beans choclate to offer you best of both in one.

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