Miss Me ?  

_CoffeeNoCream_ 52F
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8/19/2005 4:15 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Miss Me ?

The time has come for me to take my leave...to leave you with memories of what we have said..what we have written...what we have posted. Thank you my darlings for reading, replying and supporting. Fill your days thinking of my posts....but do not fear, I shall return...14 days is not long in a life time

Liefs {=} CoffeeNoCream

papyrina 51F
21133 posts
8/19/2005 5:51 am

have a great time coffee mou

I'm a

i'm here to stay

ByteChaser2 52M

8/19/2005 6:11 am

What... Leaving? Is it me? If I promise to shower, will you stay?

Have fun!

Muffinman_neal 52M
56 posts
8/19/2005 6:48 am

AWWWW darn and I dropped in for Coffee this morning.

Have a great time, get a tan, drunk, and do what you think is fun !

Your postings will be missed by many.

Priapeo 46M

8/19/2005 6:56 am

Sheesh!! Can't you just say "hi everybody, have a nice vacation!"?

Never argue with an idiot. He brings you down to his level then beats you with experience

_CoffeeNoCream_ 52F

8/19/2005 7:45 am

yes Byte....I will stay if you do my back...lol

Nubiandream004 55M

8/19/2005 8:11 am

HURRY UP AND GET BACK HERE! Oh, and enjoy your vacation.

GoddessOfTheDawn 105F
11240 posts
8/19/2005 9:08 am

_CoffeeNoCream_, have a great holiday

and I'm sure you'll think of many new ideas for your blog ...

rm_john_s3 48M
15 posts
8/19/2005 11:23 am

14 days is a long time for a male mosquito.

have fun... bring me back a seashell

leyndokona2 49F

8/19/2005 11:41 am

We will all miss you! . Have a wonderful holiday and buy me nice expensive gifts in ever city (and small town) you visit. Knuffles to the espressos.

keithcancook 60M
17718 posts
8/19/2005 1:00 pm

Jeeze, everyone leaves at once around here it seems.

_CoffeeNoCream_ 52F

8/19/2005 2:31 pm

knuffels Keith.....dream of me {=}

rm_jayR63 59F
1884 posts
8/19/2005 7:52 pm

Send a postcard and bring back bonbons to share.

rm_Lovepack1000 46M

8/21/2005 1:58 am

Coffeeshop closed for 14 days

riddick6_7 37M
8 posts
8/21/2005 4:38 am

Wow, you are ridiculously dramatic for someone leaving for two weeks.... travel much?

expatbrit49 62M

8/21/2005 4:48 pm

have a great vacation, I assume you are going to Brazil to check the beans

Thank You for Your Time and Attention

tamethytension 54M
2320 posts
8/21/2005 8:42 pm

I shall return...14 days is not long in a life time

... yet forever in Blogland ...

missing you already ...



AlbertPrince 57M

8/22/2005 10:18 am

Hurry back ... please

interested13563 53M
2557 posts
8/22/2005 11:16 am

Have a great time coffee! I have just come back from
a few day trip. And I had good coffee!!!

IdealSmile 39M

9/2/2005 1:15 pm

Welcome back.lol

Stewbydoo69 44M
19 posts
9/2/2005 2:23 pm

Welcome Back Coffee, nice to chat again

_CoffeeNoCream_ 52F

9/2/2005 3:17 pm

Yessssssssssssss Back !!!

leyndokona2 49F

9/2/2005 6:43 pm


leyndokona2 49F

9/2/2005 6:45 pm

Soooooo nice to have you back

leyndokona2 49F

9/2/2005 6:50 pm

Missed you soooooooo much

leyndokona2 49F

9/2/2005 6:54 pm

I'm ready to order: Extra large coffee with cream

_CoffeeNoCream_ 52F

9/3/2005 12:15 pm

*slips into waitress outfit and serves Miss Iceland One extra large coffee with cream *

rm_turboman43 54M

9/3/2005 12:51 pm

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_CoffeeNoCream_ 52F

9/4/2005 4:17 am

More coffee anyone ?

rm__AnyGirl_ 51F
246 posts
9/6/2005 12:05 am

*knuffels Miss Coffee*....and a big kissssssssss

rm__AnyGirl_ 51F
246 posts
9/6/2005 12:06 am

and yes nipa....knuffels for you aswell.

_TeaNoMilk_ 52F

9/6/2005 5:15 am

yes, my darling sis is back....I missed ya...

_TeaNoMilk_ 52F

9/6/2005 5:16 am

tell us all....yes even bout that cute poolguy with the "blade" Tattoo

_TeaNoMilk_ 52F

9/6/2005 5:16 am

Mmmmmm a shower with chase eh ?

whiskEynowater 55M
204 posts
9/7/2005 8:10 am

Good to see you madame

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