_CoffeeNoCream_ 52F
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3/21/2005 3:15 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


There it is…
this small stinging ache
that surprises me
days after
I thought it had healed

this lesion
burns and chafes
at the smallest touch
at a single tear

days go by
and nothing
reminds me of you
then I make some coffee
comb my hair
and the slow pain

like the knife slash
of sharp paper
across the tip
of your finger

almost too small
to see
but oh so real…

Jerosd 47M

3/21/2005 5:48 am

the first cut is the deepest

GoddessOfTheDawn 105F
11240 posts
3/21/2005 10:01 am

* knuffels *

It will all heal

papyrina 51F
21133 posts
3/21/2005 11:27 am

sticks a hanzer plast on and a gentle magic kiss

I'm a

i'm here to stay

sportsfan362436 47F

3/22/2005 3:21 am

Cuts like all wounds will heal with time... also makes the area stronger, and more resistant the next time...
*warm hugs*

dutchpete 54M
563 posts
3/22/2005 7:29 am

Rip the skin much wider
add some yellow dust as hider
called bismuth gallas
Any wound will disappear 'alras'

Erik_Bloodaxe 56M

3/26/2005 9:46 am

A papercut can be very painful.

lustmirror 63M
2897 posts
4/6/2005 11:39 pm

I have three dogs...and not a one should be favorite...
One of them has six puppies, and again...all should be special...
and yet I am tempted...
I am drawn...
to single out something...
that is a part...
from the whole...
and label it......

leyndokona2 49F

4/8/2005 2:02 am

Some kinds of pain never go away, they just hide and seam to appear again out of nowhere.

rm__AnyGirl_ 51F
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6/25/2005 10:26 am

need a band aid ?

rm__AnyGirl_ 51F
246 posts
6/25/2005 10:27 am

or a little kiss to make it better ?

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