A Tale of Two Cities  

_CoffeeNoCream_ 52F
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9/22/2005 12:46 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

A Tale of Two Cities

I am currently reading A Tale of Two Cities, you know, "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..." and I am realizing how everyone knows those first 12 words and not much else about it. So I asked J what two cities he even thought were involved, and without missing a beat, he guessed Spain and France. I told him Spain and France are countries...not cities. There was a long pause and his reply was well there are many cities overthere.
So the bottom line, my friends: don't trust J on anything literary.

Liefs Coffee

ByteChaser2 53M

9/22/2005 7:21 am

Paris, France and Dover, England? I think? It's been a couple of decades since high school lol

yesbelg 55M
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9/22/2005 10:25 am

Think i can join J concerning literature lol
But i think it was a city in England and a city in France

Just a dom belgske
kusjes en liefde ( als het is toegestaan )

rm_1hotwahine 63F
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9/22/2005 10:56 am

I think ByteChaser is right. I don't know whether I would have remembered that it was Dover, but yeah...that sounds right.

Although I did read it, I am one who uses those 12 words as a sound bite all too often, lol. But isn't it just the best opening sentence ever?

Yeah, I'm still [blog 1hotwahine]

Erik_Bloodaxe 56M

9/22/2005 4:12 pm

I thought London and Paris...........but I am not much of a Dickens fan.

jim5131 55M
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9/22/2005 8:29 pm

London and Paris.

I think.

I read it in 6th grade and barely remember it. That was the last time in my life I had time for such things.

dutchpete 54M
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9/23/2005 12:50 am

Wasn't there a Telsson's bank in London and Paris ? Though I have never heard the roll of the dreadfull carts through Paris.

JJKittyKat 59F

9/23/2005 5:16 am

London and Paris would get my vote but I confess I'm not very well read

_TeaNoMilk_ 52F

9/23/2005 5:40 am

sigh ... all my sister coffee reads is the Marie Clair !!

_TeaNoMilk_ 52F

9/23/2005 5:40 am

and Cosmo....

papyrina 51F
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9/23/2005 6:18 am

like erik i too ,am not a fan of dickens,

I'm a

i'm here to stay

AmberSolaire 42M

9/23/2005 12:25 pm

Hey dont knock Cosmo

rm__AnyGirl_ 51F
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9/24/2005 1:35 am

Jim.you need to make time ....

whiskEynowater 55M
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9/24/2005 2:07 am

Please supply us with a more adventurous book review

_TeaNoMilk_ 52F

9/30/2005 5:09 am

sorry Amber it wont happen again, I will never knock Cosmo

_TeaNoMilk_ 52F

9/30/2005 5:11 am

coffee always gets all the kisses....*pouts*

whiskEynowater 55M
204 posts
10/3/2005 5:09 am

Tea no Milk xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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