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5/7/2006 6:04 pm
the ranks

I'm borrowing this from another site....
I thought it was hysterical....
and thought some of my friends could use a good laugh!

Most men promote women to the status of “girlfriend”(Full G) far too early in a relationship. The title of girlfriend is an important title with certain rights and privileges that are to be earned over a period of time. After FUll G, the next step up in rank is “fiancĂ©,” (BIG F) and then “wife.” At that point, the woman outranks the man in the relationship.

To help out my brothers in here, I would suggest an order of rank for the woman you are considering a long term commitment to. I promote my women up through the ranks rather slowly based on their performance.

My order of rank works like this, but of course you can come up with your own. I’ve given an equivalent naval rank in parentheses to make it easier to understand

One of my Hos (Ensign)
Chick I Hang Wit Sometimes (Lt. Jr. Grade)
My Number One B*** (Lt.)#
Girl I Am Dating (Lt. Commander)
Probationary Status Girlfriend (Commander)*
Girlfriend (Captain)

Now typically it takes five or six years to advance to the rank of Full G. Whenever they go up a grade, I congratulate them and take them out to dinner. And just like the Navy, 90% of my relationships are retired at the rank of Probationary Status Girlfriend (PSG). Only one out of ten ever make it to (Full G).

The next level up is fiance (Rear Admiral) and Spouse ( Rear Admiral upper grade) Spouse and mother (Vice Admiral), Grandmother, spouse (Admiral)

#At the rank of numberone**** (NO they are no longer permitted to date other men.

*At the rank of PSG, then I agree to date them exclusively and I pay for hair and nail appointments

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