mowing the lawn- lifes lessons!  

_Bound4Pleasure 50F
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5/26/2006 5:58 am
mowing the lawn- lifes lessons!

yesterday was lawn mowing day, had two to do....
one is about double the size of the other, yet it took me half the time!

when I was doing the second lawn, and it was taking so long i was trying to assess why.
well that was a no brainer..
bikes, water bottles, golf clubs and balls, and lots of lawn furniture decorated the smaller yard. Had I spent 10 minutes clearing the debris in the yard first, the mowing would have been VERY easy, would have been over in no time.

It got me thinking about life, and how when things are less cluttered, everything seems easier, less of a hassle...

when you clear your mind, of all the debris, you can think straight, make better, more rational decisions, and life runs smoothly!

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