You're fired!  

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5/25/2006 11:06 am
You're fired!

So you get this part time job, its only temporary but you seem to enjoy it, you decide to stick with it. Your boss, he's nice, although you know he has had many temp employees, but you don't mind, cause you know your job is suiting a purpose for both of you. Some time has elapsed, and you aren't getting called for anymore shifts, You have other jobs to fill the void, but in the back of your mind always wonder what happened to that job you enjoyed so much. Were you not the employee he had hoped for, although he never had complaints when you were on the clock, in the back of your mind you wonder, could I have been a better employee, was there a part of my skills that were lacking. You tried talking to your former boss, but you get no answers, just him skirting the issues at hand.
At this point, you really could give a shit if you had the job or not, you are so put off by his lack of regard for your feelings, the little respect he has shown you. Due to the fact, you both travel in same social circles, and have many of the same friends, you have to see your EX-boss often, not really an issue with you, as you attempted to be adult about the whole situation and talk about it, it was his lack of communication, NOT YOUR PROBLEM! You are really over this, you keep telling yourself! .....or is that fooling yourself. Man you really liked that job! You’re the one who decided it was ok to take on these temporary assignments, so get over it!
Get a full time job, with benefits AND pay.....quitcha bitchin'.....
So here you are, finally over it, {Liar}
You realize, you were replaced, a new temporary employee has filled your slot, so to speak. You now have a new job, so it really doesn't matter now....your new employer is great. So why does it bothering you so much, when your former employers new employee rubs their new job in your face so much. "how they have the best job" "how they enjoy their job" " how they make their boss so happy".... you have tried to explain to the former boss things that have been said and how it bothers you, he seemed a bit disappointed and was going to speak to the new employee, but they continue with their bragging?
Do you ever get over a job you really liked? do you think if there was some sort of "closure" this job would have been easier to say good bye too, like the others?

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