So I dimed you out  

_Bound4Pleasure 51F
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6/4/2006 9:19 am
So I dimed you out

However, it wasn't cause you didnt deserve it!
We chatted FlaGent....
you told me on a couple of occasions you were divorced. I took you for your word.
I met you for lunch....
Thankfully I declined the room you wanted to run off to after lunch.
fast forward 3 months ...
I get an IM invitation from someone I didn't know, after declining it three times she piqued my interest, I accepted her

WOW you are a loser aren't you!

She actually found me in a pissy mood, which is a shame for you..
she is not the first scorned female who has contacted me, I do hope she is the last though.
All others, no matter who the guy was, I kind of stood up for them, not really lying, but definitely skirting issues!

I didn't hold a thing back. I told her everything
EVERY last detail I knew about you.
At first she didn't believe me, cause she was beliving you, that we had not met!
Until I was able to tell her what you drove, the contents of your duffle bag, and your tag number ( yes I collect tag numbers, don't do anything with them, BUT if I end up dead....PoPo have some solid ground to start with!!) Heck she didnt even know that! She had to verify it!

i noticed you have removed your profile, good thinking....
built a house with her 3 years ago, I hope to god, you lose all you have vested in that house!

Don't lie to me. If you are married/have an SO.....and she contacts me....
I won't be hiding anything anymore....It felt too good to bring FlaGent down this weekend!
I dare you to be next!

LovableAscending 59F

6/4/2006 11:16 pm

Good for you! If someone is cheating their SO has a right to know. By not saying anything it only prolongs the deceit, which prolongs the pain as well. He SHOULD be found out...and anyone slinking around with him who knows he's taken should be found out as well.
You are a straight-shooter - too bad more people aren't like you!

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