_Bound4Pleasure 50F
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7/13/2006 6:52 am

How many can we have in life, before we start taking responsibility for our own actions?

Why do some of us constantly blame others, on our poor decisions.

I know some of us have truly had misfortunes, things that are beyond our control, but honestly how many can one person have?

In the past I know I have been guilty, of a poor decision, and turning the story around, almost the same story minus a detail or two, and twisted it all onto another person. Was easier for me to "swallow" so to speak if I had a scapegoat. I'm glad I have been able to learn from those times, and now truly accept responsibility for my piss poor decisions making.

Understanding and supportive friends are what helped me pave the path to be less critical of myself. To know we all have made mistakes, to know I am no different from anyone else.

I hope never to fall into that trap again, one that blames everyone else for my mistakes!

A few of you know, the troubles I am having with my ex husband, but you also know, I am the one to blame...It's hard sometimes to bite the bullet, but in the end, I feel so much better!

So what kind of person are you, one that constantly blames others, or takes responsibility?

pinellascpl4fun2 36M/40F
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7/13/2006 6:38 pm

Im definately one of those people who takes responsibility, even if its not my fault. Usually for the good of the group or situation.


softnlush 53F

7/13/2006 7:25 pm

It is really all about integrity..either someone has it or they don't..pathological liars..none,I want to be believe most people have integrity..I know I do,I carry myself in a way and take responsibilites for all my actions,bad,good or indifferent and the consequences for those actions. I have been told I am honest to a fault..is that a bad thing?

I have also as Ron said,have taken responsibility for others mistakes if in the end,it will alleviate an uncomfortable situation,usually at work this occurs more than in my social life. I surround myself with people who have self respect and integrity. I loved this blog Susan,I really did..thanks


LovableAscending 59F

7/14/2006 2:24 pm

I take full responsibility for my actions, as well as the consequences I must endure. I am so sick of those spineless individuals who portray themselves as poor lost little friggin' lambs who behave a certain way because of their reaction to someone else's behavior - the eternal victim.
"I did this because she/he did that."
"I did this to you because you did that to me."
Over the past few months my family and I have "paid", physically and emotionally, for my angry words toward a sick, demented, destructive whore. My poor judgment resulted in her retaliation, and just when we think it is over she raises her psychotic head and harrasses one of us - currently through the form of phone calls about my so-called sexual escapades to my ex: "Yes this is _____ and your wife sucks me off and swallows" or "This is _____ and I am fucking your wife in the ass right now and she loves it." And more, so disgusting and deviant my ex refuses to tell me everything that is actually said to him. My ex knows it isn't _____ or anyone else "with me". We all know exactly who it is. And there is an investigation underway. The thing is, her excuse has been that I hurt her. My words in anger toward her for knowingly fucking around with someone I cared about, also knowing I was unaware of their coupling - that drives her behavior. The truth is; she was dumped. And she can't handle it. So she is making disgusting, and illegal, harrassing phone calls to my family. What an immature and viscious little worm.
I realize I should have taken the high road and refrained from sending an angry email to her. But that is no excuse for her incredibly poor behavior.
So, to Joni - You are not a victim. You do what you do because you choose that behavior. And you have crossed into illegal territory. I will not hesitate to press charges when the investigation is complete. I have more than paid for my poor judgment in contacting you to share my pain that you helped cause. You did not make me contact you - it was my choice. As I said, I've paid for my poor judgment. I hope you are ready to pay for yours.

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