I've racked up more...  

_Bound4Pleasure 51F
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6/1/2006 9:12 am
I've racked up more...

Miles on my feet this week, than I have my car.
for two reasons of course,
1 I'm trying to walk more,
2 My clutch decided to go.
but its all good!
weighing options between new car, or fix this!
I was/still am trying to avoid car payments til both kids are out of college.
This walking however, isn't really a bad gig.
Gives me alot of time to actually think, ponder about life!
Not that that is always a good thing, but so far, its productive!
The conclusion i have come to is, its time I allowed my sister to grow up.
I have enabled her for a very long time, and it got worse when her husband left her.
She is 38 and has 2 pre teens!
I have given it my best shot.
I have failed!
Oh don't get me wtong, I'll be there for her, however ONLY if she asks for help.
its not my bedroom, should I care if her bed is made?
its not my kitchen, should i care if there are dishes in the sink?
its not my lawn, should i care if it looks like the Serengeti?
Oh GAWD do I care, but I have to learn to let her live...live her own life, make her own mistakes.
This is going to be tough. I bucked my ex husband for years, insisting he was just "jealous" when I did things for her, I think now he may have a point.
I never felt like I was being used, I always just thought I was helpful. I still don't feel as though she used me or my services, and Ill be there for her, upon her requests...
This is going to be a tough road for me, but all of my help, I do believe has been a disadvantage to her.
Nancy, today is the first day of your "grown up life" - good luck!

LovableAscending 59F

6/1/2006 9:02 pm

Nancy is lucky to have you as a sister Susan. Letting go isn't going to be easy I know, but it will be good for both of you. I think it's time you took care of Susan for a while. Enjoy, my friend.

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