Divorce Day  

_Bound4Pleasure 51F
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7/7/2006 8:41 am
Divorce Day

thirteen years ago- she was a beautiful Bride....
so happy, just glowing!
my mom well she wasnt so happy as the mother of the bride, but stood by Nance and her decision to marry him.

Now today almost 13 years to the day they were married, they are now sitting at the court house getting divorced.

she met him almost a month after we moved to Florida...November 87...he was deceitful then, and never changed...
she was blinded by love...
then she was blinded by motherhood...and would do anything to keep her family together...abuse verbal and physical, infidelity, no matter - she loved the idea of the family unit, and being part of it!

The absolute best thing he ever did for her was walk out the door...Oh and he did it in only a way he could do....
within 2 days...
electric, cable, water, phone, SHUT OFF- eviction notice on the door...(he had no paid a bill in 3 months- savings all his earning to get a place with his new girlfriend)
She borrowed money- had all reconnected....in HER name...paid it all back with in two months...she worked hard, things she had never done before...but she succeeded! all without one cent from him!
She did it....

So today she walks into the court house..not to get married, but to disolve it. She is beautiful, so happy, just glowing....

I may get angry and upset with her, andnot understand her....but she has made me proud of her accomplishments!

heavensent11236 52F

7/8/2006 5:08 am

I sorta-kinda know how this feels, when I moved here, the last words from him were "You'll be back, you can't make it without me". Needless to say I was unbelievably scared, lonely, unsure if I could make it by myself, but also determined to prove him wrong.
You guys, you all know who you are, helped me so much. You gave me confidence in myself when I knew sometimes it would have been easier to go the other route.
He's right about one thing, I am going back next month, but this time to see an attorney and start divorce proceedings. It hasn't always been the easiest of years but I have to say I have also never been happier.
Thanks for being my friend Susan.

14you60 56F

7/13/2006 2:58 pm

Divorce many times means LIBERATION to be who you really are instead of who they tried to make you be. I am in the process of filing for divorce from a guy who I thought for sure was "the one". He was definitely the one alright.......the one who ripped my heart from my chest.......the one who made me cry more tears than I've ever cried........the one who could look me in the face time after time and tell me one lie after another without batting an eyelash.........the one who could hit me and then tell me it was my fault...........the one who made me realize he wasn't "the one" and gave me the incentive to walk away forever and start life anew. It's amazing how a fresh outlook and attitude can changes ones life and circumstances so quickly. I'm always sad and heartbroken when love ends but never enough to quit believing in it. Kindness really does matter and good really does triumph in the end.

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