Blisters are killing me!  

_Bound4Pleasure 50F
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5/30/2006 1:44 pm
Blisters are killing me!

well yesterdays walk damn near killed me!
no rest for the wicked. ended up having a few good friends over and we cooked out!
burgers, and all the good stuff!
Better stuff of course was yakking with friends! Always enjoy spending time with them.
Off to Mini golf, which I hadnt done in years...
drove to 19 and druid, only to find there was a VERY long line, at 9 pm...
so putting the golf off til mid week!
Will have something to look forward to mid week!

This morning feet hurt wicked bad, as did lower back! I wore crappy shoes for my extended walk yesterday....flip flops!
So today, I was smart, wore sneakers. Limited the walk to just over 2 miles, that was enough, Man it was hot today! but I have to do this, every day...LOL no matter how crappy I feel!
I have friends hounding me! God I love my friends!

onlyfive 68M

5/30/2006 2:16 pm

I'd be glad to tend to your blisters but it seems I violate the 10/10 rules. Ah, the pain of it all. When we reach a lifepoint where we are free to seek, and suffer the rage and stabbing pain of time under the belt. Alas; time forgives not. We endure in the hope of having the time to endure more.

Behold! As I make an ass of myself complete with benign venting, I realize my own self worth. Now, about those blisters............

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