And for the sad news....  

_Bound4Pleasure 50F
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5/12/2006 10:56 am
And for the sad news....

I'm sure some of you will be elated with this news, and I hope some are as disappointed as I am!
My PC is well, very ill.

The good news is I slept late, almost 8, havent done that in years..
I have a spotless house, I have no dirty clothes laying around, the spare bed that i use as an catch all...has a pretty comforter that I havent seen in years. I'm productive!
Really productive, not semi productive!

I babysit, for my sister. enough I'll be here and there in my posts, but please no one plan my funeral if I dont post for a few hours, Im really ok....Prolly on my knees somewhere.....SCRUBBING a floor

If you have my number, and happen to miss me, give me a holler, if u dont have my number, well there is good reason for this LOL Just kidding!

Ill see you at Meet and Greet tomorrow...spending the day at Busch gardens, so ill get there like 6 ish!

PS. Ironically, I had plans on going to an AA meeting tonight, a special friend is speaking, and I wanted to be there for them. Hopefully I can take a step or two with me ( I don't think i need all 12 ), and not go thru too many DT's while PC free

thanks to the person who gave me numerous hours of his busy life to help me with these PC issues! I can't begin to thank you enough!

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