How many kinds of sexual encounters are there???  

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7/10/2006 9:53 pm

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How many kinds of sexual encounters are there???

I've found that so many people on here are looking for "a good fuck" or "hot and steamy sex". Which, don't get me wrong, is good; I can't say I'm not looking for the same thing myself. But still, I can't help but get the sense that this is the bare minimum of what sex can be. There are so many different experiences out there that looking for one and, let's face it, a very base one, just doesn't seem fulfilling to me.

Fucking: This is your basic sexual encounter. It's quick, it's easy, and it gets the job done. Unfortunately it's almost like a quick fix, and if you're looking for a multi-orgasmic encounter, you're going to be sadly disappointed. One night standers are an example of this; it's great when you need to get laid now, no questions asked. This can also be a great time in the middle of the day if you're feeling a might peckish, and don't have the time for a more intimate encounter. Isn't that one of the great things about just fucking though? The fact that you can do this anywhere, anytime.

But that's all it is; there's no higher pleasure involved. It doesn't require thought or preparation, it doesn't take tact or any sort of individual tailoring. It's the basic, everyone-can-do-this activity of sex. Just fucking is an enjoyable experience but it does get bland after awhile, and requires spicing up, or moving on to another level.

Wild: This is one to get your adrenaline going. Don't confuse this with fucking; it occurs on a whole nother scale. This one is where primal feelings well up inside you and all that matters to you is to grab your partner and go at it. Merely wanting to fuck you can walk away from. Here, there is no walking away; this is something you NEED and there is no stopping it.

Torn clothes, overturned furniture, and broken decorations are often the result of Wild. The smell of sweat, and the sounds of primal moans and grunts only serve to heighten the allure. You often black out,not even know what you're doing, allowing your most basic instincts to take over and you only fully realize what just occured when you're lying next too each, covered in sweat and breathing heavily and both unable to move. You might at this time even notice that her nails drew blood when they were clawing at your back and you never even realized. Cuddle up and get comfy on the floor, couch, bed, or middle of the yard, and get comfy, because you're not recovering from this one for awhile.

Sensuality: This is by far the best, and the most appealing of the sexual encounters. It deals with stimulating all kinds of higher levels besides just the physical. Intellectual and emotional factors play a huge role here because it deals with so much than just the sexual encounter itself. It requires an intimate knowledge of your partner, so that you can make the experience as pleasurable as possible.
For instance, a good set-up is required. It could be, her favourite dinner cooked, ordered in, or dined out. The taste of food adds to the allure from the sweetness of strawberries and whipped cream to melted Swiss chocolate on each others skin.
What is heard also becomes important. Slow classical music in the background, intelligent conversation, perhaps she has a penchant for whispered dirty thoughts. Her own voice becomes a crystal melody, with a soft, sultry sound that sends shivers down your spine.
Sight is crucial; for instance, a room lit only by candles is her favourite. You can notice that her lipstick sparkles and is outlined in a slightly different colour you never saw before.Her eyes can cast those mischievous glances in your direction, letting you know there are wild thoughts cascading behing them, but never letting you know what they are.
You can get a feel for her body; the texture of her clothes (jeans... or perhaps a lace black dress she just debuted), for her body, for the silkiness of her skin and the softness of her hair. You can even feel heat of the candles reflects off her skin.
Once everything is perfect, you can then indulge in fulfilling her fantasies, but you have to know them first. Give her something that's her absolute favourite, or, try something that she's been dying to. Maybe break out that silk blindfold she loves so much and then feel her wrap legs in thigh high stockings around your waist because she knows you love that. Tantruc sex could be wonderful here.
One of the special aspects of sensuality, is that what happens afterwards is a huge component. Cuddling is one of the greatest activities of all time. To be able to wrap your arms around a soft, silky smooth girl and feel the heat emanating off of her body. You can feel every breath as she lays against you, and her hair kind of tickles. Or instead, it's possible to just sit on the couch naked and talk for hours on end about everything and nothing. If there are still some strawberries of chocolate left over, this is a great time to break them out. Bedtime is whenever you notice that sunlight is now streaming throught the windows... assuming you don't have a few more fantasies you'd like to indulge first.
Sensuality is all about each other; it's about heightening the experience to it's fullest level. I've really only touched on one scenario here, and there are infinitely more. I just think it's a shame that everyone on here seems to be looking to just get laid. And please, if anyone's made it this far, feel free to add to this list... there's always room for improvement. I've missed so many different aspects of the sexual world (I can only get so many at one time) so if you've got suggestions, let me know and let's make this list grow!

CgyHootchieMama 68F

7/12/2006 5:51 pm

OMG...I luv you! And you are so young! With such mature ideas and def sound like you know what you are talking about and thanks for sharing...Lola

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