Men posing as women!  

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5/10/2005 11:16 am

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Men posing as women!

Hey, I had a lovely chat with a terrific young woman. She wanted to watch me cam but, sadly, did not have a cam herself. Ever the gentleman, I obliged to please the lady.

What a guy I am!

What an optimist I am.

Today I was chatting to a friend when I saw the lovely lady was on line. She had added a link next to her handle: 'view my webcam now'! Excitedly I clicked on. She must have been SO inspired by MY webcam antics that she had dashed right out and bought one for herself!

Imagine my suprise when, instead of seeing a sweet nubile young wench, I got an eyeful of some grubby bloke pulling his plonker. His plonker was infinitely inferior to my own hardy steed, I might add!! LOL! I felt so deceived. I held back the tears and tried ever so hard to quell my disappointment. NOT!

What a miffed guy I am!

I wonder how many other 'men' are pretending to be beautiful young women in order to eyeball straight chappies?

It's fraudulent, pathetic and gives gay men a bad name. The gay men I know don't have to resort to such surreptitious behaviour in order to get their kicks.

Watch out! Once bitten, twice shy!

Zorro - the NOT-SO-GAY Blade LOL!

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