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3/16/2005 9:26 pm

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...constantly being told that you have a great cock. It's also great when ladies write to you saying they wanna play. It's not so great when they kinda disappear!

I've just gotten this here webcam and am dying to try it out. I know I've only had it a week, but I CAN'T WAIT!!!

I've started putting on 'shows' on the wcam section of AdultFriendFinder and had some good responses. I wish people weren't so shy. I CAN type with one hand!

I have noticed that when I DO cum, it's SO much more intense. It's only at certain times when I can turn on the audio. Audio is better. I like to talk to you. I also like to listen too. It's amazing how many ladies like to watch but don't webcam themselves. Come on now, it's better with two!

Gotta go now. Feeling VERY horny!

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