Weekend Sexual Getaway; 360 Style  

Zoom968 51M
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7/5/2005 5:23 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Weekend Sexual Getaway; 360 Style

We are just back from our second group swing party. Our group (threesixty, the Circle) took over the North Georgia town of Helen. We had a lovely cabin deep in the woods so we could have our adult fun in privacy. If that forest could talk! Wow, the stories it could bear withness to! We started out with our group drill sargeant, the sensual Sargeantpuss, leading the ladies in an oral close order drill on all the males in the hottub. Every man moaned out in joy from the lusty licking each lady gave freely to the commands of Sargeantpuss. Then the men gave the same oral drill to the wet labia of the ladies. From there, everyone retired to the cabin for all out sexual assault.

The next day, it began again. Of course, we did tour the town and hike a scenic trail to a waterfall. So, our weekend was not 100% sexual. The wholesome physical activity just ramped us up for the sexual games of Saturday night. Again we gathered for a game. This time the game was led by the lovely Lady T. This sexy Mistress of Ceremonies introduced an erotic board game that had everyone acting out pleasures with others in the group. We ended the games with the guess the blowjob and guess the oral contests for men and women, respectively. Then, the evening sex began. To much happened to report here and the house was so large that I couldn't witness all of it! I must thank Xotica for the most awesome blowjob ever. The things she did with breath mint strips in her mouth on my throbing dick had me screaming for mercy. As always, Lady A took good care of me with her slow, easy lovemaking style and the incredible deep throat she gives me. Saturday night was wrapped up in between the chocolate legs of my own Onxydoll. We rode each other deep and hard and added our squeaking bed to the other four beds rocking through that rustic cabin.

It rained all day Sunday in the mountains. The cabin was quiet until late morning. Then, squeaking beds to the side and above us stirred us from slumber and awakened dormant lust. Onxydoll and I feasted on each other for a sexual brunch then raided the kitchen for nutrition. We had a lazy day of watching movies and dipping in the hottub. Couples would come and go for sexual adventures or a brief nap.
In the evening, we all ate dinner then consumed each other for desert. We started with a dip in the hottub. Lady A stepped out to fix us drinks and never returned. As it turned out, she was abducted by 2loverswill and Xotica and sexual turned out. They even video taped it for the rest of us. Too hott! Lady A was returned (or made her escape) to us and was ready for me to molest her. NubianSwingers and Passion_Monster2 joined forces for a super foursome. We started out with glorious double oral action on my Onxydoll. I ate her as she sucked Mr C. then we switched places. Lady A recovered from her all girl assault and gave me juicy deepthroat. She mounted her hubby and Onxydoll licked his scrotum and her clit as they fucked. We swapped positions and Lady A licked us as Onxydoll rode my meat. Mr. C. pulled out his camcorder to record that action. The we paired off and Mr. C rode my Onxydoll like they were trying to make a baby. I slid into Lady A and listened to the dirty talk she whispered to me as I pounded her from behind. We tired out and settled in to watch our mates do their thing. Lady A brought out the camcorder again and caught Mr. C pounding my wifey doggy-style. She could tell he was about to cum and wanted the nut for herself. She handed me the camera and positioned herself next to him. He sighed with the relief of orgasmic release, pulled out of Onxydoll, pulled off his condom and emptied himself into Lady A's hungry mouth. My dear Onxydoll lay in a pool of sweat.

Our 360 swing family reviewed the video on the big TV upstairs and called it a night. We are already planning the next great party for later this month.

Stay tuned....

DukeAbbaddon 41M
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7/20/2005 12:01 pm

tale of love ?

thay where a couple he was alone ... ( fear ) !

after inviting him home just to watch he did....

and idead they did make out ...

but nexttime he the unsuspecting male was taken hard up the ass !
dum da dummm...

moral meny couples out are after your weak male ass ... du da dummm ...

and after some excuse thay will get it unlubed ...

still some patient men can waight for it..
and some dont want it..

but they all give it in the end...

HA HAAA HAAAA drum roul

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