Swinging for the Second Time  

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5/1/2005 8:37 pm

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Swinging for the Second Time

Last night was a rush! We were ready to get back to the Trapeze Club for our second encounter with swinging. I had purchased my wife some new lingere from Frederick's which arrived my mail just in time to pack. She looked so hot in her outfit including the clear stacked high heels that she'd originally purchased for our upcoming Hedo trip. Again, we got to the club and had drinks and danced. We didn't waste too much time before undressing and heading to the "boneroom" area. We met up with T&C along with their dates H and Q (all from western Georgia). No one could decide who wanted to do whom first (it was H's first time at the Trap and she was shy). My wife (Onyxdoll) and I found a private room to play but left the door open so others could watch. We enjoyed lengthy oral sex on each other before deciding to seek out another couple. We found the same couple we hooked up with from our first trip and decided to give them another try. Onyxdoll laid down to be eaten out by the husband while I tasted his wife. The ladies rubbed and touched each other until they both switched to do oral on us. Onyxdoll sucked him off until he came. I licked her sweet juices as she sucked him while enjoying the blowjob I received. My wife and I turned all our attention to my date, licking and kissing and massaging and sucking her. An observer, Rocco, had seen my wife's posting on another swinger site. He asked could he fuck her. We agreed (use a condom). He became the first White man to bathe in Onyxdoll's honeypot. I fucked my date royally and reached out to caress Onyxdoll's face and hair. Rocco finished and I began to play with my wife. She noticed a guy with pierced nipples and a pieced dick and began to play with him. She and Rocco's wife sucked and licked pierced man as I kissed each of them and rubbed their nipples against each other.
It was time for a break.
We got drinks and went to the pool and hottub area. It was orgy central. We found one empty hottub and were immediately joined by T, C, Q and later by H. To make a long story short, each individual woman (3 total) was, in turn, pleasured by 3 men at the same time. I finally experienced C's tongue ring that I had hear so much of during chat. That felt good. No one wanted to do penetration in the hot tub so we all sought out space in a group room. We had trouble finding one so onyxdoll and I began to play on our own. She asked me if I wanted to get H to join in. She said she'd seen me eyeing H and knew I wanted to get into her. She found H and told her what we wanted. We began to play and the ladies quickly became turned own by each other. They even said that this threesome was becoming less about me and more about them. This was a much better lesbian scene than in any porno I've ever seen (and that is a considerable number). H laid upon Onyxdoll to lick and grind her and I mounted her big, round fair ass. We began to fuck but I am not sure who was fucking whom. H's grinding was wearing out my wife and I at the same time. I came forcefully and pulled out so I could lick her and see what she was doing to Onyxdoll. I began to lick and finger her sweet lips when I saw her begin to visibly moisten then squirt fluid out of her vagina! What the hell was that! I was surprised and initially thought it was urine. I notice no smell or unpleasant taste. I quickly concluded that she was an honest-to-goodness squirter (I didn't believe that they existed) so I went back to licking up her goodness.
At this point, the two ladies were hot and heavy into each other and a croud had gathered to watch. My wife began to suck one and Q (one of our earlier associates) began to eat her hot pussy. My new best friend, H. began to fuck another guy. I was surrounded by this activity and immediately became hard again. I dipped between my baby's chocolate thighs and licked her then slipped back into her. She rode me and sucked another guy (Q, I believe). We did this for a while until I let T ( our intial swinging associate) get his first taste of Onxydoll.
Before he was satisfied, H had finished with her partner (or was it two partners) and wanted more of Onxydoll. The ladies went at each other again with H eatting out my lady. I tasted H again and my efforts were rewarded with a second gush of sweet girlcum.
By this time, it was after 4am and T, C, Q and H needed to drive home. Of course, H didn't want to leave. Her many admirers morned her departure also. My wife had two fans invite her to be the guest of honor in a double penetration. She politely declined and we dressed and went to the hotel.
We finished our night of swinging by making love and taking the pics that are now posted on AdultFriendFinder.
I hope you enjoyed this account of our evening. Obviously, the names have been changed to protect the guilty!
Please leave comments if you enjoyed this (or want to hook up).

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5/1/2005 8:49 pm

That is my wife in the lingere. She's HOT, isn't she?

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5/7/2005 9:34 pm


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