Shopping Delight  

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6/27/2005 12:28 am

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Shopping Delight

Onxydoll and I needed to do some shopping today. We knew we would be near the home of Passion_Monster2 so we asked them to join us for coffee at shop next door to our destination. We both ran a little late and ended up having dinner together. Of course, our dinner talk turned to sex and we ended up at their place. Since it was just the 4 of us, we agreed to play in separate rooms. The bubbly sweet Lady A gave me her wonderful deep throat and had me moaning for joy. I returned the favor with my tongue to her clit. While we engaged in oral for a lengthy time, we could hear the bed squeak in the next room and the passion in the moans from Onxydoll. I slid myself into Lady A and whispered dirty nothings in her ear. We pounded each other on the sofa and let Mr.C and Onxydoll know that we were going at it full thrust as well.

Finally, we all got together. With Onxydoll lying on the bed, Lady A thrust her head between Oxny's legs. I sucked one of her ripe breasts and Mr. C inserted his dick into her waiting mouth while leaning forward to lick the remaining breast. I love to do this to my wife! Seeing her being please by me and close friends is such a turn on. Mr. C and I switched positions and my wife was able to serve me at bit. I convinced Lady A to share the pussy with me. I slid my dick into Oxnydoll and stroked her slowly. Lady A began to lick and suck my ass. It was so wonderful. She carried on this way for a while before begining to lick Onxydoll's clit while I continued to stroke her. Lady A would pull my dick out of Onxy, lick and suck it, and then allow me to put it back into my sweet wife's steaming pussy. Mr. C returned to the room and began to stroke his wife doggie-style. We had such fun and togetherness like that. We finished as I pulled out to cum on Oxnydolls' soft belly. I then licked her as she rubbed herself to a final orgasm.
I wish all shopping expeditions could be like this one turned out. Thanks to our friends for a wonderful evening.

passion_monster2 44M/39F

6/27/2005 4:42 pm

bravo bravo!!! thats my brotha from anotha mothea!! wouldnt it be nice to have all shoppin trips to end up in such a wonderful pleasantful way!! once again thanks for comin up and visiting and you guys are more than welcome to our home anytime.

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