what a night it was...  

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2/10/2006 7:49 pm

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what a night it was...

Just a few nights ago we had the good fortune to be able to meet up with a certain young man. It took alot of work to actually be able to see him that night (we kept getting sidetracked by ppl teling us other stuff to do), but we eventually found his house and boy am I glad we did.

As we've said before we are both completely new to this whole idea of incorporating another person in on our sex. I feel I should thank my lucky stars that our first was so natural. He was absolutely amazing. Very passionate, and certainly sensual . I had been worried for the past week of the "what ifs" and the questions of what I should do. But he made it so simple, and once that ice was broken, so were the flood gates. Now it's impossible to describe everything I felt. But I believe this may sum it up: "Holy fucking Shit!"

I have tasted the tainted fruit, and i don't think I ever want it to stop. And having the man I love so persistant in his opinions is perfect. After all, it was his idea. I'm just glad he had it.
Love, kisses and cookies,
<:3~ A.R.T.

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