Invited Back?  

Zippitydoyou 58M
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7/2/2006 8:19 am
Invited Back?

Getting invited back?

Guys, please read. Even if it does not apply to you.
You need to SATISFY the woman, if you want to be invited back!
Okay, some of you can back click and go on the the next blog. For the rest of you....

Once again our last swap....
"So dear, did you have a good time last night?"
"pretty good"
"Pretty good?, that sounds more like so-so?"
"Well, he did not make me cum"
Three freaking hours and not make her cum once?
Do you really think that just giving a little tongue and then nutting off two or three times that you satisfied the woman??
Are we really that EGO minded? Yes, I am a male and have an ego the size of an RV barn. But, part of that ego is to ensure that I "DO SATISFY" my partner to the best of my ability.

Yes, this is a rant (meaning long, if you want to move on)
This is the second time in our last four swaps. So yes, it is an issue! Once again, I have to figure out a polite way of saying no thanks. For those that believe honesty is the way. Tried that, did not work. Nobody likes to be told that they are not good at sex (must be your fault).

You single ones think you have it tough. Try getting four people to agree. So looking back, His wife was very hard to please orally. Her clit was back further than most and I could not bring it into my mouth to massage it correctly. She was enjoying it, but I could tell not escalating. So I brought in the egg vibe and positioned behind the clit and then went back to work. Well, I finally got her attention, but after another long session, still only moans.
(Remember the ego thing) Back to the bag for the high speed bullet vibe. I now have two vibes going, alternating my tongue and the bullet on the clit, while the egg worked on the G.

"I'm going to blow" her words, not mine. While I am not happy that my usually talented tongue, could not do it alone. The point was that she enjoyed it!

For those that are now going "yeah, what an ego", I am a very average person. Lost in the crowd average. Average cock, average size, less than average endurance and so on. Which is also why I go the extra mile to ensure that my partner does NOT have an average experience!

Now time to go email how busy we are and our schedules will never seem to agree. It's hard enough to find enjoyable couples to start with.

If you are still reading this, remember the old rule. "Do to others, as you would have them do to you" and if you like it, do it again!

Your Invited Back,

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