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Zillaah 58G
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1/18/2006 8:47 am

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7/1/2008 10:09 am

Looking for more

I guess maybe I want more than I was originally entitled to. Frankly, I don't care. I'll deal with the fates when they show thier faces to me personally. Might even get a bit sassy.
Life could definately get better.
Feeling Lonely still, not sexually involved with any women, just the one guy, who's seriously sweet and horribly protective, but not possessive. That's a blessing.
Want to tell folks what's going on.
Want to tell folks off
and really frustrated that you can't even find someone to talk with without paying out the moolah, and I really feel that is very uncool.

Look for me on Planet Out
Look for behtha on Yahoo
Look for Wicked Kisses (4233235) on ICQ and wickedkisses on gmail chat
if you see me as 'busy' I'm probly playing a video game such as World of Warcraft(Shadow Council server, Fiol)

I can't afford to pay for more. I don't drive. I live in a very depressed part of the valley in CA.

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