What the Hell?!/!??!?@?#  

ZeroAndInfinity 52M
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9/3/2005 4:00 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

What the Hell?!/!??!?@?#

Don't people know how to talk and just be civil, attempting to strike up a conversation of some intelligent means Is like trying to pull souls out the hands of the devil himself some folks on here appear to be nothing more than posers, is it the fact that they aren't what they say they are, or being something that there not, I have allways been a straight shooter, I find It very frustrating to maintain being civil when adults (at least you would like to believe that they are act like little silly children)

I must be doing something wrong.

or the above statment is very truthful.

somebody anybody had experiences like this?

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