The Hotel Maid  

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3/31/2006 9:54 pm

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The Hotel Maid

I flew into Tokyo, Japan for some business and stayed at a 5 star hotel. When I was walking to my room, I walked pass the maids cart and could not help but notice the woman behind it. She was a petite Japanese woman, around her 20’s. She wore a pair of black shoes that looked pretty comfortable (considering she’s standing all day … at least I hope they were), black stockings, tight little green skirt, and a green blazer. I wasn’t sure if she had a bra on or not as you can see a little bit of her cleavage. She had long black hair, and a great set of luscious lips. We both looked each others in the eyes as I passed her and smiled at each other. Except that my eyes were undressing her from head to toe. I had an instant hard on and kept walking hoping that no one is going to notice my cock pushing against my pair of slacks.

When I got to my room, I still had a hard on and could not stop thinking about her. And of course I didn’t want to go out with a big bulge in my pants. So naturally, I immediately took off my pants and started to rub my cock through my underwear. All I could think about was wondering what her pussy tasted like and putting my cock deep inside of her. I couldn’t handle it anymore so I pulled my cock out and started to stroke it. Stroking it quicker and quicker until eventually I was about to cum. I quickly turned to my side and shot my load off the side of my bed onto the floor. I haven’t had sex in about two weeks and man I had a big load. I must have cum about 5 times, each time shooting more than the previous one.

The next morning, I woke up with a really big hard on. Especially after dreaming about the maid all night long and jerking off right before bed again last night thinking about her. Luckily for me, I didn’t have any meetings until the afternoon. I got out of bed and walked to the shower while stroking my cock slowly with am attempt to getting rid of it. I continued to stroke my cock as I turned on the shower. I grabbed the bar of soap lubed up my hand and smeared the soap all over my chest and then down to my cock. Stroking my cock with my soapy hands was really making me hard. I was just about to cum until I heard someone knock on my hotel room door. I immediately turned off the water and then heard a womans voice say “house cleaning.” My heart began to beat faster as I was wondering whether it was the maid I’ve been fantasizing about since I got here. I kept really quiet and didn’t say a word. As I got out of the shower, I heard my hotel door open and someone walk right into the room. I quickly tipped toed to the wall which is the same side as the bathroom door so she wouldn’t see me. I could hear someone ruffling my bed sheets. I had such a hard on that my cock hurt stretching the skin so much. I decided to grab a towel and put it over my head as if I were drying it. I then began to walk out of the bathroom. I was pretending to dry my hair as if I didn’t hear her enter and walked out of the bathroom into pain view rubbing my hair with my towel and a full erection leading the way. When I took the tower off of my face, it was the maid I saw yesterday with my sheets in her hand. She was wearing the same hotel outfit she was wearing yesterday. I looked her in the face as if I were shocked and didn’t know she was in here. Her mouth was wide open and was staring at my hard cock. We stood there in silence for probably about 30 seconds. It seemed like an eternity. I stared at her face while she stared at my cock the entire time. She said “I’m sorry, I knocked and no one answered. I’ll come back later.” She began to walk to the door. When she got near me, I put my hands on her shoulder and said “wait.” Her hand lightly brushed against my cock when she stopped. She couldn’t help but look down at my cock again. When she finally looked up at me, I had a big smile on my face. I knew she was fascinated with my cock. Only if I knew what she was thinking. I then pressed my lips against hers. She tensed up for a few seconds then loosened up and resisted it no more. I began to kiss her neck and her chin and then worked my way back up to her lips again. She then pushed me back and asked me if there was anything in particular I wanted her to clean. I looked down at my throbbing cock at this point and then looked back at her. She had a big smile on her face and began to kiss my chest and work her way down until she was on her knees. She grabbed my cock with her hand, pushed it up towards my chest and began to lick my balls. Her tongue swirled around each side making sure that there was no spot left untouched. Then she began to lick up my long shaft slowly until he got to my head. She then swirled my head around on her tongue. Then with one big scoop, she took my entire cock in her mouth. I could feel my cocking throbbing in her throat. She pumped my cock with her lips while swirling her tongue around it. I couldn’t last any longer and came in her mouth with my cock deep inside of her. I came so many times that she couldn’t keep up and I could see a little bit of cum going down the side of her mouth. She swallowed every last drop while my cock was getting limp in her mouth. She pulled her head back releasing my cock one inch at a time while keeping her lips tight around it the entire time. She used her finger to wipe the cum off the side of her mouth and licked her finger clean. She then got up, went back to making my sheets and cleaned the rest of my room.

She came back every morning to clean my cock during my stay at the hotel. I looked forward to it each morning. I’m definitely staying at this hotel the next time I’m in town again.

rm_TokyoMBoy27 34M

11/21/2006 4:37 pm

... now is that really true? It's a really great story though. But you say it so casually..

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