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6/29/2005 10:14 am

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euphemism du jour

Best euphemism for masturbation this week: “Executing a Manual Override,” from Neal Stephenson in cryptonomicon.

Now THIS looks really dangerous. Tempted by promises of all the features that will “work” with the new Flash IMC client (but don’t work on normal FF pages) I downloaded it today. The problem is that the client doesn’t support any rational operating system, so I had to load it under VirtualPC. Now my poor little twelve inch laptop is running BSD Eunuchs, with MacOS running on top of that, with VirtualPC running on top of that, with WhineDozeXP running on top of that, and some FF Kludge running on top of that. How can this not blow up in my face? And guess what? It turns out that VPC doesn’t support firewire, so my cam won’t work at all with this lash-up. I’d better shut it down fast, before some nasty virus comes in through the whinedoze. Guess I need a special computer condom for that.

The cam probably isn’t a really good idea for a while yet, anyway. Last time I had a good workout, before last month’s big travel spree, my weight-lifting belt was getting so loose that I was about to punch a new hole for the buckle. I finally got back to the weights today, and that belt is pretty snug! I think I’ll hold off on the cam until the belt expands again. Or something like that.

Speaking of diameters, I gave the DogGirls their summer haircuts on Sunday. The cheatgrass was starting to get pretty bad, and the weather was turning hot. The Big Sister (the “good” one) just sort of sighed in relief as I snipped the shag away. The Little Sister (the drama queen) complained and twitched the whole time. I didn’t realize how heavy she was getting until she pulled her “going limp” act. Now they’re a pretty funny-looking pair, without all their pretty collie feathers and ruffles. They seem a lot happier though, as long as they stay away from the mirrors.

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