Rhythm of Life  

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7/5/2005 7:36 pm

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Rhythm of Life

It seems like I’ve got background music going most of the time.

I wired my house myself, and I spidered lots of data and AV cables from the utility closet out to just about every place that I could think of. My best speakers are in the great room, and my second-best speakers are in the workshop. I don’t really have enough speakers to go around everywhere, yet. There are some cheap ones down in the gym/laundry room, and the oldest ones are in the garage (aka “dirty workshop.” I need to get some fancy waterproof speakers ‒ or more likely some expendable garage-sale ones ‒ out in the green house. I’m sure the plants would appreciate it. The guest room and the office could use speakers too.

What parts of life really need music? Well, long repetitive tasks in the workshop really need music. So does working out ‒ especially time on the cardio machine or the rollers. Most other parts of life probably benefit from a little rhythm.

What about sex? Does music add intensity to sex or is it a distraction? Maybe it depends on the kind of music. I prefer something with some intensity to the beat, even if it’s muted, and not a lot of vocals. Hmm… well let’s say a subtle intensity ‒ I’m not looking for John Phillip Sousa! Though I suppose in the right mood… A couple of times, I made out with someone who preferred relaxing music for sex, but it didn’t do much for me. Anyone have favorite titles for sex?

In the last couple of years, I’ve spent more and more time listening to music piped down from a satellite. You don’t have to “work” it and there are no commercials or other interruptions. It just goes on. Each channel does tend to rotate through the same stuff every day, so it’s easy to get into a rut.

A few months ago, dozens of new music channels appeared on my satellite menu! It seems that dish network cut some sort of deal with sirius satellite to broadcast their stuff. At first I thought this was great! Lots of new variety to choose from! After a while, though, it became gratingly obvious that it wasn’t really “commercial free.” The big drawback is that every single Sirius channel has DJs, and they just won’t shut the fuck up! They’re mixed so that they’re louder than the music and you can’t ignore them. They babble on and on and on and interrupt the most rhythm intensive ‒ and intimate ‒ moments of the day. I’m glad I got this free preview now, because I am NEVER going to pay for that service. When noontime rolls around, you would think that it would be obvious that many people work out ‒ but SSR seems to specially program a bunch of dirges and lullabies on EVERY channel at that time of day ‒ with extra long tirades by the DJs. I’m trying to pump out some heavy reps on the weights, and instead of music, I get some moron blathering on about the latest rumors on celebrity face lifts. (Well, the reps are heavy for me…)

WARNING: NEVER tune in SSR during a sexual encounter! I was once in the middle of receiving an intense blow-job when the music abruptly stopped and some moron came on at extra loud volume and babbled on for more than a minute about some stupid political headline that he didn’t even understand in the first place. I almost went limp! My fists were getting pretty tight though… I was gonna have to pull out and run downstairs to go change the stereo!

I just listen to the ordinary dish network music channels most of the time now.

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