Pushing Buttons  

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7/5/2005 9:15 am

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Pushing Buttons

A while back I posted a bit about complex genetically-inbred behaviors. Well, maybe that was another blog. I was talking about observing them in animals, and how scary it is that the ghost may not be fully in charge of the machine. Well, today I’m reporting that there are better ways to deal with machine codes, and that smart-asses are universal.

Lately, it has dawned on me that my dogs have found a much better way to deal with unwanted hardwiring. They use it to play jokes on each other. For a couple of years now, when one of them feels that the other is getting too much attention (i.e., they themselves are not getting enough) they will sound a false alarm.

“Coyote! Coyote!” they shout, as they charge toward the doggy door.

Naturally, the other sister joins the alarm and charges to the front. Then the doggy of the first part quietly sneaks back inside and assumes the pole position to be petted, while the doggy of the second part charges back and forth across the yard, yapping challenges at the vaporous coyotes.

They both do it.

They both fall for it.

They can’t help it, you see.

Now, when one of them pulls the old fake-coyote-alarm ploy, I can see that the victim knows that it’s a fake. She tries desperately to ignore it, but her body just won’t sit still.

I’m ignoring this, I’m ignoring this, I know it’s a fake,” she says, as her ears twitch and her toes dig in.

Ultimately, resistance is futile.

“Shit!” she screams, as her legs scramble wildly and drag her toward the door. “Coyote! Coyote!”

Her body is taking her for a ride.

The other sister creeps back inside, laughing under her breath, “Heh, heh… Sucker…!”

Fifteen minutes later, the same trick gets pulled, with the opposite roles.

Of course, you and I would never try that sort of shit on each other. Would we? I dunno. Maybe I’ll go stroke off on the old web-cam, and see if it drives anyone up the wall…

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