Why men should join  

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8/22/2006 11:59 pm

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Why men should join

The obvious angle would be to point out something like... "You get all the sex you want." Well, no, no, and no. We don't want our men to think that's all there is to it. There are actually some other great reasons why men should be interested in the ZHFC.

The Real Deal.

We want to be a real club for real meetings. Did you know that 60% of people who use online dating sites have never gone on a date with someone from that service. Now take that and translate it to AdultFriendFinder. First, men outnumber women by at least ten to one. Then there are the fakes, the flakes, and the freaks. That's not to say there aren't any on the male side. Actually there are a lot more on the male side by just the sheer numbers of men. But because there are so few women actually looking for the care-free sexual lifestyle, the three F's are amplified.

The first thing we hope to offer, for both men and women, are real meetings with real people for real fucking! It's the real thing. The club is about sharing experiences and bringing both yourself and your partner new pleasures to enjoy.

No Guilt or Games.

Members of the club know what they want and what they can expect. Fucking. That takes a huge amount of pressure off an honest man's shoulder. Because many women aren't looking for that type of relationship. Of course, some men out there (and definitely on this site) are just trawling for pussy. The type that compete with their buddies to see how many phone numbers they can collect in a bar. Men who, when inviting a woman up to their apartment, are already trying to figure out the easiest way to her bra. Some men assume that, by walking through a womans door, she has agreed to sex. Those aren't men, they're predators.

In the ZHFC, there is no guessing, because the woman you're with wants sex. There are no awkward relationship conversations. There's no false advertising. There are no weird surprises. Just plain sex. For a lot of men who ponder about wanting to explore their sexuality, but don't want to hurt anyone, this gives them an option.

With online dating, "The worst thing a man can say is that he is 'seeking a casual relationship,' receiving 42 percent fewer e-mail messages than he would otherwise. A woman, by contrast, gets 17 percent more e-mail messages by reporting this goal." It can be difficult to approach women knowing that most of the time a casual relationship is a turn-off. You don't want to waste their or your time. But it's impolite to walk up to any stranger and ask if they want to fuck. In the PFC, we all know why were here and what we want.

And what about experimentation. It can be difficult to broach certain sexual subjects even with a long-time girlfriend. The great thing is that the women of the PhillyFuckClub want to hear your suggestions. They won't look at you funny or think you're a freak if you suggest something new. Of course, they may always refuse, and our men MUST respect that. But they're here to explore and try new things just like you.


The members of our club want and enjoy sex. Men and women are different sexual creatures. But we're both human and have similar problems. Within the PFC men can meet women who will understand what they're going through. For example, men can get nymphomania just like women. Yet many women assume a guy is just horny.

In our club we ask our women not to treat our men like just another horny guy. Just as we won't allow our women to be treated as any less than a fully sensual human being. Our women will recognize that men can have intense sexual needs as much as them and look for help to satisfy those urges. Just as men are expected to do their best to please their female partners. All club members are equal, male or female.


When it comes to things like STD's, it doesn't matter if you're a man or a woman. The rules are explicit about condoms and contraceptives. The men in our club will know that their partners are STD tested regularly and strive to keep themselves D & D free.

If you're intelligent, attractive, considerate, and fun, we may the the club for you.

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