When it comes to couples...  

ZHFuckClub 52M
8/8/2006 1:25 pm
When it comes to couples...

We don't accept couples, unless they apply as individuals. The female half of the couple must apply first and be intiated and accepted into the club. Only then can the male half apply and go through the same process. Once in, you can play as a couple, but you are also expected to play as individuals.

If you are part of a couple and decide to apply, both halves of the couple will go through the same initiation steps with members of the opposite sex. the first step is having the female half go through the application process. Then the male half may apply 24 hours after the female half has been approved as a member. Just because the female half was approved, doesn't mean the male half will be approved automatically. Both halves of the couple must meet our membership expectations.

We only accept couples who are available and willing to play on their own as well as together. If jealousy is going to be an issue, please review our rules and give it more thought.

Why are we so strict when it comes to couples?

Believe it or not, Men will create a couples ad to attract women, even if they are not a real couple or the wife is unaware. This is the most common online lie for swinger and sex sites. In the end, after careful manipulation, all they want is to setup a fuck one on one. This can also happen with female bi ads; a man pretending to be a woman with a boyfriend... trying to setup a threesome fuck, that only ends in one on one with the man.

Another issue is the swinger mentality. Yes, I said it and I appologize if you are instantly offended. But face it, there is a power and control issue in SOME swinger relationships; where the man is the driving force behind the sexual exploration. The wife will go along with it to placate her husband and keep him from actually cheating on her, so she think she knows all that is going on and has some control and participation over the situation. Roles can easily be reversed as well, depending on who the dominant sexual partner is.

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