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9/21/2005 10:28 pm

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Well, nasty is the word, that is how i like it, i still believe that girl left me because i i am to nasty, i have not found the girl that can give me enough, i seem to want it 24 7s i can not get enough, i put a double dildo in her cunt one day, she took it all but about 3 inches that thing must be atleast 18 inches long, i put it so far up her cunt, that when i pulled it out of her cunt, there was literly some shit on the double doong i could not believe how much she took, she is only 5'2" she does have a deep sleeve, i'm just nasty, i like it with men and woman, on my next post i'll tell you about the guys and me, hope you like this one..

rm_latinlust_69 39M

10/7/2005 5:17 pm

u have awesome blogs so far. I really enjoyed your 1st one. It isnspires me to type about my 1st anal experience w/ a guy. Keep them cumming please... I love to read them....

Hey maybe we can get together some time. where are u located? I live in Ocean Springs, MS.

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