Well Well Well  

YourDemonLord 29M
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7/20/2005 6:49 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Well Well Well

Here I am, I am me and at the moment that is all you need to know.

I am doing this because I can and hell it might be fun, and if you enjoy reading it then that is a bonus.

and if you think my spelling/grammar/ideas are total crap, then please find the neareat lamp post, grease it up and insert it up whichever body orifice ignites your fancy.

Now that I have all the serious crap out the way, I may truly begin.

Basically I am a drummer, a musician and a metal head, Music is my life. Playing live is a feeling that is almost as good as the reason I am here. but anyway I will talk about THAT later. at the moment all I am gonna talk about is how incredible music is: for most non musicians I know music is something that they listen to, but for musicians music is something to immerse in, it takes you to another level of beaing, hearing THAT riff, or THAT rhythm change can be an almost spiritual experiance (and I am an Atheist!) so why am I telling you this I hear you cry? Well to be honest I think more people need to learn about music not only so they can appreciate it better, but also because if more people learnt about music then maybe the quality of music would lift. I am not talking about production quality here, I am talking about manufactured music, when you hear a manufactured band, you just hear the song they are singing, a musician doesn't, a musician hears the Protools editing, the auto tune software on the vocals, the session musicians who are playing the same simple generic riff/beat and the lack of substance these people have to offer and the manufactured Image that sells the music, and maybe if more people knew about this maybe this mockery of a great artform would decrease, maybe....

enough bitching from me, it is late at night.

rm_mieze626 52F
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7/20/2005 9:52 am

i agree...grew up in the music business and have a close friend who is a professional singer. i was his ear in the studio, but also the band's ear. a whole week, 8-10 hrs a day with the headphones on, aaahhhh, people don't know how stressful and tireing that can be...how much work is behind one little song...u r so right, there is not enough apreciation out there...
oh, and if it comes to spelling and grammar, who cares....but u did a great job, lol

Peche85 31F

7/29/2005 5:25 am

Hmmm ever heard the quote "Once radio was made for music, now music is made for radio" Don't know who said it or anything lol but its pretty true these days.

Not saying its true for all music tho

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