Write some shit down!  

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11/10/2005 2:08 pm

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Write some shit down!

Been back from Japan from a while so I suppose I should get my thoughts down before I forget them!

Left London Heathrow at around 13:30 which was strange for me as I have always flown to the far east at night!

I went with a chinese friend who I had met through AdultFriendFinder, we had got together a few times here in London, and we got on well, and as I wanted to end my holiday on a highpoint! She was happy to travel with me. Also she speaks Japanese and has a house out there too! So I was killing two birds for one stone!

On arrival everything was cool, but I was very nervous because I had not taken enough money with me! I had about 400GBP with me and I was feeling a little nervous! I don't use credit cards anymore, so I rely on cash! I had transferred money between accounts and because, of the shitty account I have with that bank, I have a shitty ATM card which works only in the ATM next to my house! Well...only in the UK anyway!

I changed 200GBP before leaving and got 40,000YEN. The price of the ticket from the airport by train was about 5,000YEN and thats what I seemed to spend my money on, just travelling around! Everything else in Tokyo is reasonably priced but it was one of the only times in my life that I regretted not having a credit card!

Things turned a little weird though on my arrival! The girl I was with really was on a Boyfriend/Girlfriend tip! This was a little shocking, as we had been open with each other, she even has a boyfriend in China! So I felt VERY uncomfortable! But where am I gonna go? I was halfway around the fucking world! I felt so trapped!

Fortunately I had arranged to see one or two AdultFriendFinder members before I left, so I was able to spend a few nights out, of her place and calm things down! My third picture in my profile is one of the girlies I met! I think that one of them was surprised that I was actually there in Tokyo, so the emails to confirm our meet sorta dried up!

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