Reflections on the past.  

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8/21/2005 10:08 pm

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Reflections on the past.

The reason I have decided to post a blog is in reply to a post made to an article I wrote about deodorants!

There was a response from a black guy with his dick in his hand calling me a cunt?! Anyway.....this stemmed from the fact that I had referred to myself as a 'darkie' in the article I had posted, so I wanted to clear that up!

When I first began working, I befriended an Egyptian guy who was ten years my senior, married with three kids. We found out that we had a lot in common and even went on to share an Italian girl! Not as a Ménage a three or anything, but at the same time. She thought that she was really smart and that we did not know about each other! But we were best friends! But that’s another story!

I used to work on Oxford Street, so after work my friend and I, with a girl or two in tow would just walk around looking in shops, eating in restaurants and bars, just generally making friends. One of the things we would do quite often is have joking arguments that people around us would think were quite serious! Until that is they started listening to what we were saying! He would start complaining how the darkies had come to his country with their bad attitudes and bouncy walks, taking his jobs and his women! This used to raise some eyebrows as he was only a little lighter than I was! He would then go on to say that he was half English because he was married to an English woman! (Bottom half of course!) This really used to make people laugh. So the use of darkie brings back memories of laughter and fun, there are no racist connotations for me.

At the end of the day, what this did for me, at quite an important time in my life, was show that it was just so much more useful to stop the attitude. I found I could achieve a lot more with a smile and a joke, than I could ever achieve with aggression and attitude.

Hope someone can relate to that.


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