crazy ass weekend  

YoungBuck0569 29M
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11/15/2005 2:16 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

crazy ass weekend

Wassup People,

Damn i had a crazy ass weekend. It all started when some of my boys and I went to go get some good bacardi and some evan williams. then our asses went to the fair and got in for free that tight. We were just ridin rides, drinkin on some sippty syrup, and talkin it up with some fine girls. But after that got lame we went to North Augusta for some reason and snuck up on some boars with a baseball bat. damn then things are kinda fast. And then after that we headed up to a party. After that its kinda blurry but i know i got home okay. Then the next night after flordia gators lost and the georgia bulldogs lost. I headed up to my boys duplex and he had an ass of people up there chillin so it was tight. And people were drankin and smokin cept for me did that last nite. But anyways somebody decided to spike my chocolate milkshake. But i didnt taste anything oh well. The best part was the fire pit we had going till bout three. Just sittin there chatting it up. Aight people hollaaaaa. Ladies hit me up on low.


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