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12/16/2005 7:14 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


Wow... how do I describe this one?

Ok, I got home early (have to take my vacation from last year in 1/2 day increments, just because, and I am not compalining because working??? half days makes it bearable).

So, I get home to a message from a couple... Score, with both a lady and a gentleman in one night? Nope. His wife's daughter was visiting that night. But, since he made the trouble to come by to pick me up, I decided that I wanted to taste his cock. He let me, but I knew that I could not let him forget his obligations, so I had to let him go before tasting his cum.

It winds up that another guy was interested in my feminine personna... And he decided to drop by. Let's just say, two and a half hours later, I am still quivering. HE FUCKED ME GOOD!!!!!

If you read this, thank you, kind sir. I really needed that!!!

But I still don't have what I need... A nice shot in the mouth!

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