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6/18/2006 9:45 pm
this afternoon I was considering a stranger meeting stranger today.

Chrissie really didn't want to be at this party, but her good friend Jennifer, finally convinced her to get out of the house. Chrissie only wanted to survive the next two more hours until she could reasonably make up and excuse to leave.

Cocktail in hand she moved about the living room stopping to smile briefly when someone caught her eye, and then tastefully moving on. Jennifer was no where to be found of course. She had hooked up a little while earlier and had "gone out for a bit of fresh air..." Or so she said anyways.

Sighing with relief as she walked towards the patio door to get outside for a moment, Chrissie was momentarily blocked by a stumbling man coming through the door. Unfortunately for her he stopped right at the sliding door first.

"Hey baby....How you doing...." he slurred lazily as he held the door opening to keep himself from falling over.

"I'm not too bad." Chrissie repsonded not knowing what else to do.

"How about you an... you an'me go someplace to get to know each other" he managed to spit out.

"I'm just going outside for minute. I'll catch you when I come back inside, OK?" To her delight, he eagerly agreed and Chrissie squeezed her way outside.

Sighing once again, Chrissie made her way over to the balcony edge and leaned against the railing. It was very stuffy inside that condo she said to herself. No sooner did that thought cross her mind, when a cool breeze came up making her shiver just slightly.

"Rough Night?" came a voice from behind her. Chrissie jumped slightly and turned to see the owner. He was a pleasant enough looking guy.

"Sorry," the man said as he smiled at her, "I didn't mean to startle you."

"It's OK. I just didn't notice anyone else out here," she replied turning back to stare over the city. Maybe he would take the hint if she ignored him long enough, she thought.

A few minutes of silence passed, before he spoke again, "So what brings you outside? The party is inside."

Before she even thought about it, she blurted, "I didn't even want to come to this party in the first place, my friend convinced me..."

He laughed quietly, which only served to get her giggling.

"My turn to say sorry, I guess..."

"No, no," he smiled again. "No worries..."

Who was this guy, Chrissie thought to herself. She quickly went through all the people she had seen and been introduced to tonite but she couldn't remember him.

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