Things that make you go hmm 1  

YesMissTia 43F
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12/18/2005 5:45 am

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3/6/2006 8:37 pm

Things that make you go hmm 1

Just about every man considers himself to be HOT!!!- In actuality most are avg at best.

90% of AdultFriendFinder men say they are long and thick. If this is true tell me a few things. Why does the picture they show tell average size and average thickness and why is the US avg 6 inches. Did anyone tell "them" to come look at the men on AdultFriendFinder. They have some of the biggest dicks in the world or so they say.

A lot of people say they are very intelligent and very professional. Then the next sentence they have spelling errors all over the place as well as asking to be spanked beat and treated like shit. What does this have to do with being professional? Oh I'm sorry that was just tossed in to let you know they have a job. My bag I got it now.

I have noticed a few people just don't get it. If you change your name 5 or 6 times a year or have 5 or 6 AdultFriendFinder screen names it doesn't really matter because if you didn't get laid on the first 3. Chances are, you still won't get laid with the last 3 names You don't have the sense to have new pictures in all of them and your MACK lines are WACK AS HELL!!

When are people going to realize women like sex as much as the next man does. We just don't like to play the savage bitch in the jungle who wants to be pounced on like a raw piece of meat. If 70% of your emails were saying, " Ooo I could stick my dick here in you and there in you. I could fuck you this way or that way". It's not a turn on. SAY SOMETHING DIFFERENT DAMMIT. LIKE HELLO, HOW ARE YOU, WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE IF WE ARE A MATCH FOR SOMETHING OTHER THAN AN EMAIL OR TWO?

I have also noticed a lot of profiles say they can make it worth your while and they're great lovers in bed. PLEASE tell me at 18-24 HOW THE HELL ARE YOU THE BEST LOVER AND YOU'RE JUST STARTING TO CONTROL HOW FAST YOU CUM?

Why do old men 50 and above hit on me? Im not Anna Nicole Smith. Old men don't move me. Sorry.
Why are the people with no pictures posted so fast to call someone ugly?
Why does a profile profess I am not gay nor do I like MEN. Then you look up and that section that says LOOKING FOR. It has TS/Crossdressers,bi curious and alternative things. WHAT THE HECK IS THAT ABOUT?

What's up with this phrase, I'm not changing my life. I'm just changing things in it etc etc. Is that the new way to say I'm not leaving my wife so don't ask?
I know I know lmao these are just a few things that I saw were constant on AdultFriendFinder. Laugh if you want. If you get offended chances are you do what is said above.

rm_wirenutty 45M

12/18/2005 8:23 am

Hey Tia,

Thanks for the Chuckle with the Blog. It's true, so trie
I'm a Fequent Flyer, so I may just check your profile to see.
Best wishes,


rm_SizzleDoggg 46M
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1/5/2006 12:28 pm

Hello Miss Tia. Let me first begin by saying that you are absolutely right! Everyone has big dicks yet all I get in my junk folders are 'Would you like a bigger DICK?' emails! NO THANK YOU! I don't need a bigger one! If so many people were so blessed, those junk mailings wouldn't occur. Later...

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