A stranger in my house Part 1  

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8/2/2005 8:57 am

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A stranger in my house Part 1

It's 7 am on a rainy Saturday morning, you are relaxing in your robe and boxers. You get a knock at the door. Who is it? Then you hear a womans voice saying, I'm sorry to bother you sir but my car has broken down and I was wondering could I use your phone to call for help? You measure her up through the peep hole and it seems innocent enough so you open the door. Standing there you have a thick yet shapely African American woman standing at your door. She is drenched from the rain. She is wearing an A line tank top, no bra and from the cold rain her nipples on her 42D breasts are poking through. She has on a pair of tight jeans and sandals with a pretty design on her toes. You realize your staring to long at them so you look up, Sure you can would you like me to get you a towel? Please she responds. Thank you for letting me in, your house was the only one that appeared someone was up. I am truly sorry for interrupting you. If I could use the phone I will be out of your hair. No hurry you tell her. The phone is in the kitchen that way. You hand her a towel. She begins to wipe the rain off her body as she get to her breasts you find yourself staring again. She walks over and picks up the phone. As she talks on the phone you watch the water she missed fall from her hair,face and neck. She's beautiful you think.Her skin the color you remember in the crayola box named Tan, her eyes were almond shaped and she smelled of sweet Vanilla. You start to imagine what she would do if you walked up behind her and smelled her. Your thoughts begin to make your cock respond with a rush of blood. She hangs the phone up and says, "Damn!" I have a 4 hour wait. You offer her your robe and say to her, the bathroom is down the hall I am simply relaxing today. If you feel safe you can wait her with me instead of in the rain. We can also dry your cloths in the mean time, I promise I don't bite. You think in your head well not much anyway lol. She takes your robe and heads down the hall. She responds nice chest as she's walking. Wow yours too, you think. After about 5 min, she comes out wearing your robe, loosely. She hands you her shirt, pants and panties. She wore a black thong. You imagine just what it would be like to be that robe. To lay on her hips and wrap around her tits. She sits as you go to dry her clothes. She is friendly, her appearence gives you aggressive but not overly. Her hands appear soft, nails manicured to perfection. You say to her I'm sorry my name is Dylan and you are. I am Melanise, my friends call me Mel for short. Is your wife do home I don't want her to get the wrong impression? No I am single. Melanise looks at you and thinks, he looks great, I wonder does he know I can see his cock is hard? Mel begins to relax as you talk more. You find out shes attracted to you and exchange phone numbers. She stretches out to you as you take hers and she kisses you. She reaches and rubs the back of your neck as she kisses you so passionately. Your hands finally can go where they have wanted. Onto her body, you slide your hands inside the robe and cup her luscious tits. They are cool to the touch, she slides her body towards you. Your cock, now at full potential. Her hands go down your underwear and she strokes it for you. Her hands are soft , and to be wrapped in them feels great. Dylan lays back as Mel takes his cock out in awe. My goodness very nice. She tastes it. Mmmmm, she rolls her tongue, down your cock. The warmth of her mouth is heaven to you. She deepthroats like no other, staring you in your eyes as she takes all of your cock in her mouth, she loves it. She strokes and sucks on you for a while, her hands gently tugging, and feeling around your balls. She stands up as your laying down and spreads her legs over your face, her pussy smells like Vanilla too. It is shaven low but not bald. She lowers herself onto your face with this sweet smelling pussy, grabs your cock and again begins to deep throat you. Her hips move with excitement as her pussy gets juicy. You flicker your tongue across her clit. Inside of her and everywhere it can reach. You taste her cumming in your mouth and you love it. You want her so bad you can't stand it anymore. Your balls begin to tighten as you explode. She................

Guess you have to tune in next time when we see what happens next huh!

husb4fun 58M

8/2/2005 9:13 am

That's soo hot. I can feel your hands and mouth on me and mine on you as I read that. Very nice and I will want to read more babe.

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