Pool Hall Disaster  

YeahIGotTitters 34F
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1/2/2006 1:21 pm

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Pool Hall Disaster

Some of my readers might ask, "How the heck is it that all this sexual stuff happens to her about every day?" Well, lets take a moment to review: I'm petite, I have C cup breasts, I'm a virgin, and I am a slut. Hmmmmmm... How often do those come along? NEVER! So, men (and women) seize that opertunity. Now that we've got that straight, I've got another confession.

I was at the pool hall today, playing pool on my own. Then this man comes over, about six feet, and challenges me to a game of pool for 20 bucks. Now, I'm pretty good at pool, so I say, OK, sure! We play one time, and he won. I challenge him to another game, double or nothing, to win back my 20. He wins again. I challenge him to yet another game, double or nothing, and he wins again. We do another and another, until I owe him 640 bucks. I can't give up this much money, I can't afford to lose it. I ask him how I could win it back. "Strip pool" he says. He tells me that when he's finished playing strip pool with me, he will let me keep my 640. I agree, thinking about the money. Then I realize how far he might make me go with this strip pool thing. 640! I remind myself.

We play one game, and I lose, yet again. He tells me to take off my top. I do, and luckily, I have a lace bra underneath. We play another game, and I lose again. He tells me to take off my skirt. I do, and I'm left standing in my black lace thong and bra. We play another game, and I win. I told him to take off his shirt. He did. Then we play another game, and I lose! I gulp back tears as he tells me to take off my bra. I look around the pool hall, and there are 6 men watching me with a look in their eye. 640, I think. Off comes my bra, leaving my C cups out in the air. He eyes them, before we start to play another game. YET AGAIN I LOSE! This man is the best pool player ever! He tells me he wont make me take off my underwear yet if he can place a hand on my breasts. I let this stranger place his rough palm on my womanhood. We play again, and I lose. This time he orders me to take off my panties and hand them to one of the men behind me. I start to cry, but he repeats the order again, and I think of my money. I hand my panties to the man behind me.

I'm left, naked, in a pool hall, with a stranger I never met before massaging my nipple.

I asked him if he was done, but he said he wasn't. So we played another round. Can you guess? I lost. I told him I couldn't take off anything more because I was stark naked. He laughed, then took a solid, yellow pool ball off the table. "Spread your legs" he barked. I did as he ordered. He fingered my pussy enough to make it wet, then slid the ball in. We played another game, and another, until my pussy ached from all the 15 pool balls shoved inside. He told me to put on my panties and my bra. I did so greatfully. Then he took my skirt and top and threw them out the window onto a passing truck. I watched as they sped away. Then, he told me I could go. As I darted to the door he said, "Wait! You must take all of the pool balls out of your slit and hand them equally out to the gentlemen who have observed this show." I slowly plucked each ball out, one by one, from my pussy. They were dripping with my juices as I handed them out to each man. They took them and crammed them in their mouths as young boys handle lolly pops. Then, I ran out of the pool hall in my lace lingerie, at 12:30 at night, all the way home.

HedonisticGuy69 46M
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1/3/2006 1:58 am

Well you do have a knack for prose that stir ones imagination. Your own lends to good fantasy. Nice way to start the New Year.
Welcome to blog ville. Look forward to reading of your adventures.

YeahIGotTitters 34F
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1/3/2006 4:03 pm

No issue! I love to hear from my readers! keep it up!

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