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1/2/2006 7:10 am

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As he sucked at my pussy, it actually began to feel good. I had not really had pleasure like this before. It was a new experience, and I was concidering doing it again, only with someone else. Then, I remembered who he was, what he was doing, and how I didn't want him to. So I began to cry.

He kissed the tears off my face one by one. He was being tender now. Then he pinched my nipples as hard as anyone ever has before, and I screamed. He went back to fondling my breasts, only as he was doing this, he teased my pussy hole with his dick, not putting it in me, but rubbing it against me. When he was done fingering my chest, he put his tongue to use down on my vagina. He sucked me dry-again. Then he took his fingers and began swirling them around my pussy. I tried to stifle my moans of pleasure, but it was too good.

Then he went in for the kill, and positioned his dick (condomless) at my pussy hole. He slid the head in slowly but then stopped, a disturbed look on his face. "YOU'RE A VIRGIN?" he said. I whimpered and nodded my head. He took his dick out of me, put on his clothes, and cut one arm of mine loose from the couch. He put the knife in that hand, and walked out, leaving me to cut myself free. I didn't understand why he didn't fuck me, but I was glad of it. I put on my cloths, went to the doc to check for std's, and went on living my life normally, only I never saw him again.

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