A Night At The Bar  

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1/3/2006 4:17 pm

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A Night At The Bar

It was a regular night, and I desided to go to the bar again, despite my sexual mishaps the past few days. I wore slut clothes like the slut I am: A short mini skirt, a lace bra, and a see-through shirt.

Let me just pause for a moment and get something straight: I am a slut. The only reason I didn't "enjoy" my pool hall thing or my friend almost me was that I didn't OK it.

Returning to the story: I stepped into the bar in my 4 inch heels and made my way to the bar. A whore is taught at a young age of about 16 how to walk in a way that your skirt swishes behind you, giving the men (or people in my case, a bisexual case) a momentary view of your tight ass (I wasn't wearing panties). In a few seconds, two men, around 32 years old, were at my side asking to buy me a drink. I smiled, and, knowing what they wanted, lifted my shirt off my chest, briefly allowing them to view my DD's. The gaped, then asked if I would come home with them. I told them it would cost them, and they offered me five thousand dollars! I took the money in an instant.

We got into their house, and damn! It was super duper high quality. Then, they were different. They immediately tied me up to their bed and tore off my cloths. Then they felt me all over. I gave the moans of pleasure that was required of me to make them feel like they were good, to make them think their money was worth it, but secretly I wished they were more passionate. After they were done, they teased my clit a little and pinched my nipples. I gave about 7 blowjobs, forced myself to cum 2 times, and passionately made out with them 12 times. Then they let me put my clothes back on and allowed me to leave, handing me the cash. I dressed, rather dissapointed, and went back to the bar, using the same swishing move.

This time, a woman came up to me, and putt 500 dollars in my hand. I asked her what I could do for her. She just told me to take off my skirt and walk around the bar like that. I shrugged and did as she asked. In two seconds, men and women alike were playing with my pussy. She handed me another 500 and I removed my top and bra. Then, she cleared a space, and handed me 1000 dollars and told me to dance as slutty as I could. I did, and everyone loved it. I went home with her that night, and we made passionate love as only women together can do.

justdogging 48M

1/3/2006 7:39 pm

think I'd like to check out that bar! sounds like a fun joint... lol

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