Drunk sex is bad sex  

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10/13/2005 3:29 pm

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Drunk sex is bad sex

Well it was Friday night and I decided to check out my neighborhood pub for a few laughs and drinks. I guess you could call me a "once a weeker" in my neighborhood bar, and I only go there that often out of pure boredom. My reluctance to go very often probably stems from the fact that regulars in a bar are generally pretty depressing and I am rarely attracted to your average bar fly. But since I had just had 3-4 beers with a friend I stoped by to continue the party a little. I no more got seated and she appeared out of nowhere..............drum roll please.

Well she was blonde with brown roots and an average to cute body. It seems that the more we each drank that the better friends we became and you could quickly feel that there would be little pretense before one or the other proposed a trip home together. Well as luck would have it we ended up at her girlfriends house for a nightcap. After nearly having kitchen sex, it was off to the spare bedroom. I was very worked up with all the rubbing, kissing, and dirty talk. The foreplay was great and the intercourse was even better and we were both left with dynamite climax. Since I was just pretty buzzed rather than smashed I was looking forward to a long evening of U-turns under the sheets. But as we lay there catching our breath in a comfortable hug, her breathing quickly turned to a snore. So I simply kissed her, dressed, said goodbye to her friends, and left.

Since I normally stick to my guns about avoiding bar flys I decided not to keep her number. I wonder if she will even remember her Friday night lover? I suspect she will find another.

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