First real contact... : )  

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5/18/2006 9:06 am

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First real contact... : )

Well we got to chat with that special couple that will most likely take our "couple cherry"!! They are HOT, fun, and local to us so the anticipation is very high!

We only want about three couples to play with and get to know. Lots of names and faces will get confusing, and we just don’t want that kind of play. We wish to be open and honest, with everyone! We want friends we can have fun with and be able to continue that fun with sex.

One thing that caught us by surprise was one question of preferences. We knew that every couple has their limits so we established ours early on. We were a little shocked at the "must be in the same room" preference. Not to sound naive... but we had no idea that not being in the same room was a choice. lol... For us ALL the excitement is seeing each other with someone else, seeing each other enjoy that and feel those feelings that come with that act. Taking each other out of this scenario was never in our minds. We understand that others like different stuff... but we didn't realize that was an option.

Our chat with this couple was simply awesome!!! It made us feel what we craved to feel, and made us soooooo hot for each other. It's a weird situation, and its very hard to describe to anyone that can't be open minded. Sex has a whole new side for us, and it makes our passion for each other that much stronger and passionate. Its not me having sex with someone else... its my lover having sex with someone else. Does that make sense??? I guess it doesn't have to.

We look forward to our first date as a couple, we hope everything goes well and ends up to be were we want it to go.. lol... Time will tell!!

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