The war on the WAR ON DRUGS  

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12/5/2005 11:09 pm

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4/29/2006 4:52 pm

The war on the WAR ON DRUGS

I posted this response to tillerbabe ’s blog [post 161599].

OK Tiller you asked for it.
And Caress, would you like to see distrust of our government? Sometimes I think I trust the Gods of AdultFriendFinder more than I trust our government. OK, here goes.
The war on drugs is not a war, it is a business. And what is the main objective of a business??? TO MAKE MONEY!!! Maybe it would be better to say that the "War on drugs" is a business slogan meant to keep you (the average taxpayer) buying in to the misinformation that sells it. A business sees a need and tries to fill that need. Maybe the business starts off in good faith but when it sees that it cannot fill that need with the current product then either the product dies along with the business, the business changes to suit the current need, or the business has to create a bigger, stronger need for it's product. Compare to the energy industry. In come the marketing boys. The most profitable way is to sell the current product since it is ours and it does things the way we want. Then what do we call it? THE WAR ON drugS! With a few added strategies it is doled out to the people and voila, the tax MONEY is rolling in.
Now this war no longer has to be sold to the people, it has been bought, signed, sealed and delivered. And nobody wants to believe they bought a piece of crap, so it is easy to carry on the illusion that it is for a good purpose. And remember that you only have to fool some of the people some of the time.

THIS IS THE WAR that we ought to be angry about.
THIS IS THE WAR that ought to have everyone talking.
THIS IS THE WAR that kills more Americans than all the insurgents in Iraq could ever hope for.
THIS IS THE WAR that pits American against American, Countryman against Countryman no matter what country you're from (few exceptions).
THIS IS THE WAR that we have been lied to about.
THIS IS THE WAR that we send our innocent children to fight. ON BOTH SIDES.

Mr. Xes

Now I consider myself to be somewhat conservative in my political beliefs, except for certain topics in which I lean more Libertarian than anything, mostly to mean that I believe that the government ought so stay the fuck out of my personal life. And yes that means anybody else’s personal life too. If I want to put a joint in my mouth, whether it has seeds in it or two balls on the other end of it that is no business of anybody else’s as long as the only one affected by it is me. That means that if I show up to work stoned out of my gourd and get fired then it’s nobody’s fault but my own. If I’m drunk or high and cause an accident or do something that gets somebody hurt or killed then I am fully responsible for it. But if I have a few drinks or light one up in the evening or whatever that’s nobody’s business. Again, if I let it interfere with other parts of my life that’s my fault.

I could go on and on about my beliefs but that would be getting away from my original goal here. Let me relate a short story here. My one and only call for jury duty so far was for the trial of a woman accused of possession with intent to distribute. I never even got all the details of the case. I sat in a room full of about 40 or 50 potential jurors as they announced her charges and began the jury selection process. The first question they asked was about New Mexico’s then current REPUBLICAN governor Gary Johnson’s belief in legalizing drugs and did anybody in the room share these beliefs. Now I was floored by this question. Totally unprepared for it. They asked me to explain and I managed to fumble an answer totally inadequate to sum up my feelings for it. The biggest being that most of these lawyers and judges would be out of jobs if drugs were legalized. I was the first one eliminated. Anyway, I have regretted ever since not educating myself on the subject I felt so strongly about so that when my opportunity came to educate others at such an important moment I might have been able to take advantage of it. Since then I have begun paying attention when the subject comes up in the news. Listening to the numbers of dollars spent, and the lives taken by this WAR as it is called. Even more recently the increased gang activity even in my humble little town that for some reason our newspaper seems reluctant to reveal is drug related. Even our big media groups whom I have always considered to be leaning heavily left to the point of being greatly biased are strangely silent on the subject of this failed war.
Am I wrong? Would the actual numbers and facts convince me to change my mind? Does anybody even have the actual numbers and facts?
If I proved I was right how would I prove it to everyone else. How would one start THE WAR ON THE WAR ON drugS?

I only know that if it is ever to be stopped then someone has to start it.

rm_Ptalk1155 34M
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12/6/2005 12:30 pm

Yeah, the war on drugs is a business, and business is good. Quite frankly, I'd prefer it if the culture changed such that people weren't interested in drugs. That's not to say I think the government has any right to tell people what they can and cannot do.

As far as stopping that business? Well, it's like all the political dickering, the only way to stop it is to completely change the culture such that people who use the government as their own personal piggy bank are not elected. But, that requires an intelligent populace not phased by star power. Since the educational instutitions in this country are in a 200 mph nose dive, that doesn't seem particularly likely.

XesSex03 50M/49F

12/6/2005 8:16 pm

You have hit on some good points Ptalk and since the educational institutions are run buy the government then fixing them would be kind of counterproductive from their perspective wouldn't it. It seems like a lost cause but I just hate giving up.

j24lyme 72M
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12/10/2005 6:02 pm

There is another war which is a far, FAR greater boondoggle: The war on poverty!

That war has been ongoing for a much longer period of time, with many more billions STOLEN from us--you and me--to fight it, and with no net improvement.

Why is there so much apathy amongst us? Because we are "too well fed." And the money being stolen from us is hidden in PAYROLL DEDUCTIONS! If we had to write a check each quarter, or month, or pay period, as most self-employed people do, there would be a revolt which would make the Civil War look like a walk in the park.

The reality is: We really don't want to know how badly we are being the very people who are supposed to be guarding our well-being. We don't want to feel helpless and at the mercy of others, rather than in control of our own lives. So we arrogantly and cavalierly strut around pretending to be creating our own future.

What do we do if hard times befall us? Cry like babies for "the guvment" to bail us out. Why should we be expected to "save for a rainy day"? Our neighbor doesn't, and we can't stand to see him have more toys than we do. No, we'd rather rely on a bunch of hypocrites to take care of us--folks who give themselves shameful raises in the darkness of night. And if they happen to propose something that WOULD be to our benefit, we're too ignorant to realize it.

For example, why in heaven's name would we want to be in control of our own retirement funds? Why, we'd have to use some brain power to figure out how to invest our own money, and we MIGHT make the wrong decisions! Guess what! We might. But it's a sure bet that "the guvment" WILL make poor decisions when dealing with OUR money. It's no skin off their noses, (or money out of their pockets, for those of you in Rio Linda), 'cuz their money isn't at risk in Social Security.

Hell no! They created a far better program for THEIR retirement, so why should they care if we ever get a dime. It will be many years down the road before it all collapses, so they'll just revert to "The American Way" of dealing with it: Let the next guy worry about it!

If we looked after our kids the way we expect Uncle Sam to look after us, we'd still be tying their shoelaces and wiping their snotty noses when they are retirement age. "Oh, here baby, let Mommy do it for you (or Daddy); I can do it better."

And then we turn around and say to Uncle, "Here! Here's my money! Take good care of it for me, will you?" What kind of lunacy is this? Who said, "People get the government they deserve"? Must have been a very bright person.

As Earl Pitts in Cincinnati says: "Wake up, Uhmurrica! Pitt's off!" (With apologies to Gary Burbank at 700-WLW.)

tillerbabe 56F

12/12/2005 12:29 am

This is really very and I agree! Thank you!

rm_wmpk 67M/69F
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1/16/2006 2:51 pm

Maybe, one day, (fingers crossed) SOON, - we can end ALL of these STUPID Wars.


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