The Ultimate Dance  

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9/14/2005 7:26 pm

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The Ultimate Dance

I absolutely love to get on the dance floor & feel the music; the vibration of the guitar, drums pounding & the bass thumping up through the floor. Not to mention the singers voice & the lyrics of the song washing over your skin & nerve endings. Music (especially loud) is an utterly sensual, primal experience. I revel in moving my body, gyrating & grinding my hips against my dancing partner. It doesn't matter the genre. I love it all.

I love it when Mr. Eddie breaks down & takes me dancing. We don't go very often, which makes the occasion even more special.

When we first arrive at the club, it's still a little early, and there are not too many people. This works out well for us time to get a table, a couple of drinks & relax.

About 11:00, the place starts to fill up,& it's as if someone opened a gate. People are everywhere, standing room only. The music gets turned up in a battle for dominance over the roar of the hundreds of individual conversations being carried on throughout the place. I am a little buzzed, and moving my body all around in my chair to the rythm of the music. I can't stand it any longer, and jump up, grabbing Mr. Eddie by the hand to drag him out on to the overcrowded floor. There are so many people dancing at this point, that it is impossible to get through without sliding your body against them. We finally get somewhere near the middle, and begin moving with the beat of the pulsating drums. After a few moments, we relax a little more, get comfortable in our rythm and really start to let loose. I swivel my hips in a circular motion, clockwise, then counter clockwise, rubbing my pelvic bone into the growing front of his jeans. He starts to slide his hands over me. He starts at the breasts with a light feathery touch, and slowly works his way down, over my hips & around to my bottom. When he begins his journey back up the length of me, he hikes the back of my skirt up, just enough that all of the people around us can see part of my bare ass (I never wear panties with a mini-skirt), but they are all left wondering if I'm actually bare? or is it a thong?

The next song to come on happens to be one that has an extremely sexual beat to know, the kind that sets the rythm for your love making for the rest of the night? I move in a little closer, and start kissing and nibbling on Mr. Eddies neck. I drag my fingernails down the length of his chest, taking a moment to snag on his nipples and circle them once...or twice, and then continue on my way. I reach his bulging jeans and scratch my fingernails through the denim, just on the outer edge of his rock solid erection, with out actually touching. He groans into my ear, grabs both cheeks of my ass, and grinds me in to him. I am so horny at this point, that I feel the dampness on my inner thighs. He brushes his fingers across one of my nipples, and then quickly pinches it between his thumb & forefinger, causing me to gasp. I reach down, unbutton the middle buttons on his pants and slide my fingers inside, just as he reaches up the front of my little skirt and slips his fingers in my (at this point) extremely wet pussy. We both groan. We can feel the eyes of the other dancers closest to us, watching, trying to figure out if their eyes are playing tricks on them.

I turn around and position my ass against his throbbing cock. Reaching behind me, and still gyrating with the music, I pull his dick out of his pants as he hikes up the back of my skirt. He rubs the head along the outside of my pussy lips, from back to front, clear up to my pulsating little clit. After a couple of passes, he makes a sudden thrust with his hips, slamming his big cock into me, all the way to the base. OH GOD! He holds it in, hard & deep as we rock.

As we're standing there with Mr. Eddie buried deep inside my hot, wet hole, a guy that had been dancing close by, moves in front of me and begins to kiss me, sliding his tongue in and out of my mouth, altering between light strokes and bruising pressure. He pushes my head back to rest on Mr. Eddie's shoulder, bends slightly forward and begins to nibble & bite my nipples through my thin top, while reaching down between my legs and lightly tapping and rubbing my oh so swollen clit. Mr. Eddie picks up the pace of the "dance", and my additional partner keeps pace. In a brilliant cover move, Partner #2 does a deep knee bend, leans forward and sucks my clit into his mouth, sucking long, and hard while flicking it with his tongue. Within seconds my body explodes in orgasmic shudders. Mr. Eddie pounds away at me, and as I feel the head of his cock swell and begin to throb, he lets loose and his load of hot, juicy cum sprays all over the inside of me, just as the song comes to an end.

We stand there panting for a few seconds, trying to catch our breath, when a voice interrupts "Excuse me". We open our eyes and look at Partner #2. Just as the beat begins for the next song, he asks "Would you like to dance with me?"

God I love dancing!!!

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