The "P" Word  

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9/20/2005 3:59 pm

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The "P" Word

I've been noticing recently the word pussy in a lot of conversations. It isn't the context in which it's used that attracted my attention, rather the manner in which it is spoken. Especially when used by a woman.

There seems to be a few women who are 100% comfortable using "pussy" in general conversation. A greater number of women will say the word, but either in a more hushed tone, or, only after taking a quick look around to see who might overhear. And many women will only say "the "P" word". Some won't say it at all.

Pussy refers to a cat or kitten. It is occasionally used to infer cowardice, although most of the women I know are more prone to use the word "wuss" or "wussy". Puss is used as a term of affection in some countries, in much the same manner that we might call our daughter "Sweety" or "Doll". It refers to the mouth, as in "Sour Puss". You can "Pussy-foot around". The context in which most women seem to be uncomfortable saying it is when referring to the vagina.

I know women who have totally re-named it, using outlandish monikers such as "Bee-squacker" or "Hoo Hah". Until recently, I was one of those who chose "the "P" word". (I wouldn't be caught dead calling it a "Bee-squacker"!!)

Are we still so mentally downtrodden about sexually related terminology that we can't use simple words? Is it left over from our mother's telling us that "good girls Don't!"? Granted, I don't think that people should just run around spouting the words "pussy, cock, cum", etc. in general conversation with the clergy. I look back on all of the years when the word (and many others) would never even enter my mind, let alone actually cross my lips. But as I've become more comfortable with myself, and all things sexual, I'm wondering...What's the big fuss??

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