Dont talk about it be about it  

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1/11/2006 5:31 pm

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Dont talk about it be about it

Whoo that is what I am talking about be counted ladies be heard dont be shy I know you are out there dont be ashamed to speak and do what you do. Tell inquiring minds who want to know that you like to get that pussy eaten and you absolutely love the men who get down and dirty to oblige your every oral fantasy.....
(But I dont think yall are freaky enough 4 that)

Anal fanatics I havent forgotten you so if you are a lady whose a little naughty and not a goody goody who absolutely cant get enough of major league stuffings in the rear the yell at the top of your lungs and then type it in bold here. If there aint no shame to your game then tell all those HATERS DONT KNOCK IT TILL YOU TRIED IT; AND IF YOU HAVE TRIED IT AND DIDNT LIKE IT THAT IS YOUR OPINION SO KEEP IT TO YOURSELF WE DONT WANT TO KNOW.
(I still dont think you are freaky enough)

And LADIES you absolutely must represent if you are down for whatever and you love both oral and anal especially if you like major league stuffings in your mouth A$$ and Pu$$y at the same damn time. Dont delay it and dont be scared to say it so the Nerds in the back can crunch the numbers and suck down there inhalers. Nuff said now report.
And if you passed the Freaky test then post a comment or vote and dont forget to join Interracial Fire

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