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11/19/2005 9:18 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


well things just got a LOT more interesting as of 2 days ago! this chick that i met at a club who goes to my school, well lets just say that she was "down for the cause." to make a long story short, we ended up in a building on campus late at night in a dark room. 35 minutes of nothing but me eating that pussy clean i didnt wanna brag about my skills before it happened because i had only been with my ex, and i was the only person she had ever experienced. but judging from her reaction as it was going on as well as after it was over, it looks like im pretty good after all!

I AM OFFICIALLY IN THE GAME YA'LL! unfortunately, i won't be seeing her for another week or so because i'm down here in atlanta back home for thanksgiving. i still don't understand these women on this site. they claim that they are looking for something, and when you fit their requirements perfectly and send them a message, THEY DON'T EVEN GET BACK TO YOU. that shit pisses me off. why the fuck even come on here if you're not looking to get your freak on?? to this date i've sent almost 100 messages so far but have only received about 15 in return. thats crazy, but its their loss. I can now say with complete confidence that my pussy-eating skills are on point. I'm clean and I drive, so they don't know what they missing out on. of course, i still havent had sex in 3 months and thats frustrating as hell but hopefully that will change in the near future....

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